July 10, 2017

Bendiciones, Cuentan y Verás

For this email I am just going to send pics and explain what has been going on recently in the   mish.                                                                                                       Inline image 1
We Recently had a flood, this is us driving next to a pick up in town square.Inline image 2
This is when we tricked a missionary into thinking that you could put a “mirror effect” on the computer. hahaha                    Inline image 3
  This is the office elders watching a movie in the mission house on P-Day. Woop!! (From left to right) Elder Bravo(Commissary), Elder Muñoz(Secretary of Visas), Elder Shelton(Assistant), Me, Elder Faúndez(Secretary), Elder Prada(Assistant), Elder Rios(Secretary).Inline image 4
We recently had a leadership conference and we had SOO MANY packages from missionary family that we had to pack and send out to the missionaries.Inline image 5
This us  having a barbeque in the with the President Ferreira after conquering all the challenges of “Transfer Day”(When all the missionaries change where they live to go work in a different city or area)                               Inline image 6
P-Day with the zone playing soccer with President and the office gang!!Inline image 7
Here we are sending the missionaries home who have finished their 2 years of service, this is my old Zone Leader who helped me out a bunch, I love this guy!!!!Elder Court)Inline image 8(
It was really hard to send Elder Prada home because I have been with him for a long time in the office and he has been an amazing Assistant in this mission, he has been one of my best friends in the mission. He was raised really poor living in Columbia, he has many talents and abilities but not many opportunities in Columbia. President Ferreira told him in his last interview that he would help him get out of his current situation. He might actually be coming to live in Utah!!! I have a lot of respect for this guy and all that he does.    Inline image 9
  My Comp and I receiving the new missionaries on their first day in the mission. We always take a picture with them at the famous arch of Antofagasta!!Inline image 10
 Hahaha locked out of the apartment for a few hours at night waiting on the other elders.haha
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July 3, 2017

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June 12, 2017

We found a new way to contact people in our proselyting area that allows us to find people who are ready to receive the Gospel while at the same time not wasting a lot of time trying to convince people that aren´t really interested. We simply say that as missionaries we prepare people to get baptized and we ask them if they would like to be baptized. If they say no we then teach some principles about the restoration of the Gospel and ask if they would like to know more. If they say no a second time we simply give them a pamphlet and let them go. NOW, the difference between my mission and…the mission of…. I don´t know……Elder Ott haha is that this actually works for the people here hahaha. The majority of the time people actually get interested at the second point and once in a while we find someone that says they would love to be baptized right off the bat! I love the people of Chile and sometimes I feel like I receive a clearer image of how Heavenly Father sees his children here in Chile. Our brothers and sisters here are so open minded and many times innocent as a child. They are willing to talk and to help out a neighbor, they don´t get embarrassed as easy. They are not perfect by a long shot , but I love them a lot.

  We had some rough times this week due to the fact that yesterday we went to visit a family that we were teaching that was progressing beautifully, they told us that they will not be attending the Church anymore and maybe they will look for another, better one. The mother is a less active member and she told us that she felt mistreated and is going to move to another city in order to escape her current life….All of this happened basically because she went to the Bishop for help and the Bishop was very kind, and told her the truth, he offered help…but she did not receive the answer she was looking for.
  It is saddening to see our brothers and sisters putting their salvation to the side solely because they were offended by a church member…It was humbling to see just how fast Satan can make us forget ALL that we know and cherish about the Lord.
  Now putting that thought aside, this week WE RECEIVED SO MANY BLESSINGS!!!! wow we found a DUMPLOAD of less active members and were able to strengthen them and to start working with their family members who are not members!!  We have one family that we are teaching that is specially close to my heart. The Castillo family members are all members of the Church apart from the grandma (Silvia) who is 76 years old. She talks…..A LOT. hahaha so it is a constent battle not letting her go on with stories. We have been able to have really focused lessons so far and we actually set a baptismal date with her for the 24th of this month. Her grandson said the greatest thing in the first lesson hahahahahahaha. He told her that if she gets baptized on the 24th she would be able to go to the Temple with them in one year when he and his fiance get sealed. She was kind of doubtful when we first put the baptismal date but then when her grandson said that…haha… you could see that the wheels starting turning in her head. Oh man I love this sweet little old lady so much!!!!
  Wow I don´t have any more time to write, but lots of love from the office and I!!

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“TOTALLY WICKED!!!!” (lets see if you get the movie reference)

On Tuesday we had a few appointments with some less active members and part member families in our sector and between appointments we knocked a few doors and we found a
small family of two, just mother and daughter. After talking for about 30 seconds about what we do and who we are she tolds us the following: ” umm yeah , actually I really want my daughter to get baptized in your church because I know they are good people. Can we do that?”……………😮😮😀 haha. We explained to her that she needs a few meetings with the missionaries in order to know WHY we need to be baptized, not just because it is pretty or “appears nice” and she agreed. We had an amazing lesson with them, brother Muñoz accompanied us to the appointment and the Spirit was SOOO strong as we taught about the life of Christ and the Restoration. They both agreed joyfully to read the Book of Mormon and to come to church. We met a few more times during the week and they did make it to church. The mom (Karina) told us that she could not stay for all the meetings because she has claustrophobia and can not stay inside for too long, we offered that the member that she knew could give Samantha ( her daughter) a ride home after church, but as a good mother she declined and wanted to be with her daughter. She told us of a few hard things that happened in their lives and we gave her the Jeffrey R. Holland talk “Like a Broken Vessel”. She wanted to she if her daughter was enjoying church or not in order to take her home is she wanted but when we walked to the class door and poked our head in, Samantha looked at her mom with a HUGE smile and waved her off, wanting to stay in church with the other Primary children.
  Karina told us that nothing until now has appeared to help her daughter with the problems she has. It was also amazing to see the way she lit up as she was able to read the talk we gave her. When we introduced them to the Bishop, Karina said to him: “Samantha, my daughter , is going to be baptized next Sunday, and after the meetings today…I am also thinking about getting baptized as well.” WOOOOOHOOO!! Eternal Families!!!
  Many things similar happened during my week and many times I was able to see those around me being instruments in the Lord´s hands. I have also felt the love of my Savior as I am able to lift others up and share the Savior´s message of Peace and Goodwill.
  I know that the Gospel is real and that the the Organization that represents it is guided by Christ himself and His Holy Priesthood.
LOVE YOU ALL!!!! ¡¡Tenga una semana buena!!
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Joe’s P-Day Recording

Joe sent us this audio recording.

Joe’s Recording 4.24.17

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Sickest video ever. We made it here in the mission.

Made in Chile by Antofagasta Mission

Sickest video ever. We made it here in the mission.

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“considerest not the beam that is in thy own eye? “

The Lord has blessed me immensly this week. I don,t know why but during the week I felt a new want to share the gospel with everyone and to open my mouth to all the people in the buses and in the street. My comp and I have both felt that the Lord gave us more faith so that we could have a model week to be able to look back upon and see what we did good and be able to do it again. I was blessed to be able to have some conversations with President Ferreira for hours. I hope people pray a lot for the missionaries that are serving in little towns far from the Mission Center because I have been able to see in the offic that sometimes the “vision” that President has just doesn’t get to the missionaries in the field, either through bad communication from leaders or from bad understanding of what the Lord really wants to communicate through President. Being in the office I have been able to know a lot more of what the Lord needs from me. It has been amazing to have a constant font of truth close by. It has also helped me realize how important it is to do the things that the Prophet asks us do in order to stay far away from apostasy. Those who stop praying or reading the Book of Mormon soon are found far off the path of truth.

     I just want to say how grateful I am for the Lord and how He always shows me my faults even when I am completely blind to them. One of the many humbling experiences that Happened this week is that on Sunday we had a few family comitted to come to church but in the end we were able to have 1 investigator in church. His name is Gabriel and he has scitzophrenia. He doesn’t have good control over his thoughts many a time and so sometimes in church during a really precious part of a message he would burst out laughing about nothing..hahaha His mother doesn’t know how to help him and has fallen into bad habits. Gabriel is also an addict to cigarettes. He can’t remember how many he has smoked sonhenjust smokes ALL day long. His mom pays for his cigarettes. He left the chapel about 5 times to go smoke and then come back and it smelt horrible. He also wanted to wash his face constantly but never would dry his face hahaha so he would come into the sacrament meeting soaking wet..hahahahaha ohh man I learned a lot that day about Christlike love. I was sad at first that we Only Had Him in church, but I realized that it was a miracle that a child of God suffering through soo much was able to come to a safe place and at least feel the spirit.
  I love this work, I know that Christ lives and knows us.
Love you all!!
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