June 12, 2017

We found a new way to contact people in our proselyting area that allows us to find people who are ready to receive the Gospel while at the same time not wasting a lot of time trying to convince people that aren´t really interested. We simply say that as missionaries we prepare people to get baptized and we ask them if they would like to be baptized. If they say no we then teach some principles about the restoration of the Gospel and ask if they would like to know more. If they say no a second time we simply give them a pamphlet and let them go. NOW, the difference between my mission and…the mission of…. I don´t know……Elder Ott haha is that this actually works for the people here hahaha. The majority of the time people actually get interested at the second point and once in a while we find someone that says they would love to be baptized right off the bat! I love the people of Chile and sometimes I feel like I receive a clearer image of how Heavenly Father sees his children here in Chile. Our brothers and sisters here are so open minded and many times innocent as a child. They are willing to talk and to help out a neighbor, they don´t get embarrassed as easy. They are not perfect by a long shot , but I love them a lot.

  We had some rough times this week due to the fact that yesterday we went to visit a family that we were teaching that was progressing beautifully, they told us that they will not be attending the Church anymore and maybe they will look for another, better one. The mother is a less active member and she told us that she felt mistreated and is going to move to another city in order to escape her current life….All of this happened basically because she went to the Bishop for help and the Bishop was very kind, and told her the truth, he offered help…but she did not receive the answer she was looking for.
  It is saddening to see our brothers and sisters putting their salvation to the side solely because they were offended by a church member…It was humbling to see just how fast Satan can make us forget ALL that we know and cherish about the Lord.
  Now putting that thought aside, this week WE RECEIVED SO MANY BLESSINGS!!!! wow we found a DUMPLOAD of less active members and were able to strengthen them and to start working with their family members who are not members!!  We have one family that we are teaching that is specially close to my heart. The Castillo family members are all members of the Church apart from the grandma (Silvia) who is 76 years old. She talks…..A LOT. hahaha so it is a constent battle not letting her go on with stories. We have been able to have really focused lessons so far and we actually set a baptismal date with her for the 24th of this month. Her grandson said the greatest thing in the first lesson hahahahahahaha. He told her that if she gets baptized on the 24th she would be able to go to the Temple with them in one year when he and his fiance get sealed. She was kind of doubtful when we first put the baptismal date but then when her grandson said that…haha… you could see that the wheels starting turning in her head. Oh man I love this sweet little old lady so much!!!!
  Wow I don´t have any more time to write, but lots of love from the office and I!!

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