July 10, 2017

Bendiciones, Cuentan y Verás

For this email I am just going to send pics and explain what has been going on recently in the   mish.                                                                                                       Inline image 1
We Recently had a flood, this is us driving next to a pick up in town square.Inline image 2
This is when we tricked a missionary into thinking that you could put a “mirror effect” on the computer. hahaha                    Inline image 3
  This is the office elders watching a movie in the mission house on P-Day. Woop!! (From left to right) Elder Bravo(Commissary), Elder Muñoz(Secretary of Visas), Elder Shelton(Assistant), Me, Elder Faúndez(Secretary), Elder Prada(Assistant), Elder Rios(Secretary).Inline image 4
We recently had a leadership conference and we had SOO MANY packages from missionary family that we had to pack and send out to the missionaries.Inline image 5
This us  having a barbeque in the with the President Ferreira after conquering all the challenges of “Transfer Day”(When all the missionaries change where they live to go work in a different city or area)                               Inline image 6
P-Day with the zone playing soccer with President and the office gang!!Inline image 7
Here we are sending the missionaries home who have finished their 2 years of service, this is my old Zone Leader who helped me out a bunch, I love this guy!!!!Elder Court)Inline image 8(
It was really hard to send Elder Prada home because I have been with him for a long time in the office and he has been an amazing Assistant in this mission, he has been one of my best friends in the mission. He was raised really poor living in Columbia, he has many talents and abilities but not many opportunities in Columbia. President Ferreira told him in his last interview that he would help him get out of his current situation. He might actually be coming to live in Utah!!! I have a lot of respect for this guy and all that he does.    Inline image 9
  My Comp and I receiving the new missionaries on their first day in the mission. We always take a picture with them at the famous arch of Antofagasta!!Inline image 10
 Hahaha locked out of the apartment for a few hours at night waiting on the other elders.haha
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