“TOTALLY WICKED!!!!” (lets see if you get the movie reference)

On Tuesday we had a few appointments with some less active members and part member families in our sector and between appointments we knocked a few doors and we found a
small family of two, just mother and daughter. After talking for about 30 seconds about what we do and who we are she tolds us the following: ” umm yeah , actually I really want my daughter to get baptized in your church because I know they are good people. Can we do that?”……………😮😮😀 haha. We explained to her that she needs a few meetings with the missionaries in order to know WHY we need to be baptized, not just because it is pretty or “appears nice” and she agreed. We had an amazing lesson with them, brother Muñoz accompanied us to the appointment and the Spirit was SOOO strong as we taught about the life of Christ and the Restoration. They both agreed joyfully to read the Book of Mormon and to come to church. We met a few more times during the week and they did make it to church. The mom (Karina) told us that she could not stay for all the meetings because she has claustrophobia and can not stay inside for too long, we offered that the member that she knew could give Samantha ( her daughter) a ride home after church, but as a good mother she declined and wanted to be with her daughter. She told us of a few hard things that happened in their lives and we gave her the Jeffrey R. Holland talk “Like a Broken Vessel”. She wanted to she if her daughter was enjoying church or not in order to take her home is she wanted but when we walked to the class door and poked our head in, Samantha looked at her mom with a HUGE smile and waved her off, wanting to stay in church with the other Primary children.
  Karina told us that nothing until now has appeared to help her daughter with the problems she has. It was also amazing to see the way she lit up as she was able to read the talk we gave her. When we introduced them to the Bishop, Karina said to him: “Samantha, my daughter , is going to be baptized next Sunday, and after the meetings today…I am also thinking about getting baptized as well.” WOOOOOHOOO!! Eternal Families!!!
  Many things similar happened during my week and many times I was able to see those around me being instruments in the Lord´s hands. I have also felt the love of my Savior as I am able to lift others up and share the Savior´s message of Peace and Goodwill.
  I know that the Gospel is real and that the the Organization that represents it is guided by Christ himself and His Holy Priesthood.
LOVE YOU ALL!!!! ¡¡Tenga una semana buena!!
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