Blog 3/27/17

Norma Constanza got baptized this week and it was awesome!!!!! We did not do anything!!!! hahaha the ward I am working in is awesome because the members are always willing to help and the ward counsel meeting are…the best I had ever seen. Seriously this ward is…a Utah ward!! I think I already mentioned that Brother Cristian Muñoz met a lady a few weeks ago (while he was shopping or something) and he started talking with her about normal day to day stuff and he mentioned that he was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. She got interested and well she came to church with him the next Sunday and she Loved IT!! Then Brother Muñoz taught her ALL the missionary lessons. ( because he is awesome, he never served a mission because he is a convert of about 10 years). We taught her the lessons in 2 visits(one of which being 10 minutes) because she already knew everything; AND she has goals to go to the Temple haha… She had her interview in the which she basically just bore her testimony the whole time and she was baptized by Brother Muñoz this Saturday!
  That is how missionary work should be!!!!hahaha if every member could find a friend and invite them to church and then teach them some of the lessons, tons of people would be able to find the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It was awesome to be able to change rolls and help the members instead of the members helping us.
  My companion Elder Rios and I had some crazy lessons this week! We entered one house of a really humble women with her daughter to find the Grandparents inebriated as could be! The Grandpa was mumbling o bunch gibberish when we entered and then……he saw me….haha and stopped his mumbling and stood up, kind of wobbling, and stared me down real close and then looked to his daughter and basically said ” Did you lose you mind daughter! Look at the garbage that you have brought into our home! Look at the disgrace that is standing in our living room!” hahaha he then starting yelling a bunch of bad words. Luckily I couldn´t make out what he was saying , but my comp was dying hahaha. Anyway, while he was yelling gibberish about me I just started teaching his daughter and she told me she was sorry for her father and that she really wanted to know more about the message. I was able to share all about Christ and Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost with her and she committed to read the Pamphlet that we left. It was a good experience for me because I realized that we can not wait until the difficulties of life or society subside in order to do the work of the Lord or meet our goals. There will always be opposition in all things and we just need to focus on our objective and go for it.
  I hope that EVERYONE can watch General Conference on the 1st and 2nd of April !!! And prepare some good questions!!
  I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives and that He is my mediator with the Father.
¡Les Amo a todos vosotros!
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One Response to Blog 3/27/17

  1. Mandy Tenney says:

    Great news, Elder Gordon! It was fun to talk to your mom last night at the Relief Society Birthday celebration! Keep up the good work!

    Sister Tenney


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