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Wow I am really happy to hear that the family has been praying at night! I really hope that everything goes well with the surgery Robert, that makes me a little nervous, but the Lord has a plan for everything.

   This week I interviewed someone for baptism for the first time, it was awesome! You have half an hour or so to get to know the person and teach them all the commandments and help them build their faith in themselves and in the gospel.It´s awesome! I was surprised though when the girl who was 12 years old told me that she was addicted to drinking coffee every morning hahaha.

This week we had a lot of crazy stuff that happened like always. Firstly, 2 of the missionaries that were in the office went home at the same time, also a ton of the leaders of the mission ended their missions. It was sad to see so many of my close friends end their missions, but it was fun to set goals with all of them about how they are going to get married haha. The new missionaries got to the mission and almost all of them are converts(were not born into the church). It really shows us all just how much the Church is growing in the world when our missionaries have less than 2 years in the church! Awesome!
During all the errands we were running the new assistant in the office took the mission car to go pick up the new missionaries and he ended up crashing the car within about 2 minutes of driving haha. Poor guy! because it was not his fault really..haha. The rest of the week was kind of crazy because we didn´t have a car to go do errands or pick up missionaries.
I worked in my area for about 8 hours this week, which for those who haven´t been missionaries.. is awful. But we still saw many miracles, a couple of our investigators came back from vacation and they told us that they want to get married and then get baptized. We explained to them that we know a person that can marry people in 48 hours (like Las Vegas haha) and they said it sounded good for them. Sweet!
On Saturday we had the baptism of Daniela, a girl we have been teaching for about 2 weeks. It was really stressful organizing the baptism because my companion and I had to run around town preparing things for a leader of the church who is coming to visit. ( Elder Taixera, Presidency of South America Area, and Elder Bragg) The blessing of it all was that Daniela said she would like that I could baptize her! I finally got to baptize someone for the first time in my life!haha
I continue to learn more and more of my weaknesses during my time in the office. Please pray for me haha. Also for: Losaura and Andrea, Angelica and Diego, Matias, Alan Rios.
Love you all!!!
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