Umm this weekend has been nuts with transfers of all the missionaries. We will sending home some of our best friends here in the mission, tomorrow morning both of the Assistants to the Mission President will be going home.

This last week we kept receiving blessing after blessing every day. Yesterday actually between doing a million errands we passed by the house of some future investigators of the church and in 5 minutes we set a baptismal date and they promised to come to church and we set up a date to have their baptismal interview… that is normally how it works here in the office. I think the Lord knows we don´t have a lot of time so he just puts people in our path who have been prepared to receive us.
Another miracle, the assistants and I went to buy pizza for an upcoming conference and while talking with the lady at the cash register she told us that she had received the Missionaries for a while in Columbia. She said ” I just never had the chance to get baptized….” WOW haha so yeah, we set a baptismal date with her for the 18.
People to pray for:
Matias, 23 yrs old, needs to find faith to be baptized
Daniela, 13, needs to be willing to come to church even when her family doesn´t.
Andrea 13, needs to understand the Book of Mormon.
Wilmer and Lindsay, 30 and 28, need to get married.
Diana, 23
Well this email is really short but, I Love you all!
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