“Take 13”

Wow I have SO many things I could write about this week! Everyday something amazing happened in our sector or in the office. The only sad thing is that we did not have a baptism this week…😤 …but its all good because because our investigator named Matias is going to be baptized this coming Saturday!

We have been working a ton in the “tomas” or “takes” this week where all the poor people live. We found 13 new people to teach this week that are all very humble. We actually found one lady named Cindy who already has all the missionary lessons and just needs some help getting a testimony about the importance of baptism.
One of the best things that happened to me this week was on Sunday night when we were walking and a bunch of people drinking beer shouted “Helders”haha, but we did what they didn`t expect and we just walked up to teach them all the Gospel. After a few minutes of joking around and hearing too many chilean swear words we kind of just said loudly ” YEAH OK, WE ARE GOING TO TEACH SOMETHING, PLEASE SIT DOWN”
They all actually listened to us and sat down to listen to us. My companion said a prayer and shared a spiritual thought, then part of the family just didn`t want to listen and started the music up again but meanwhile under the really crazy atmosphere I started talking with Ricardo, the man to my side. He explained to me that he used to go to church when he was a little kid and really liked the church. We passed by every topic of the Gospel as he confronted me about a bunch of things that we do in the church. As we talked I gave him all the answers he needed and tried to do it with patience in my mind. What I was not expecting was that he was really humble and with every single thing that I explained to him he would just say “wow, I didn`t know that about the church” and by the end of our conversation he said ” thank you for changing my thoughts about the church completely”. It was amazing to see the change in his spirit in about 10 minutes. He told me he does really feel that Christ is his Savior and that he needs to go to church.

  Now this experience has happened many times in my mission but the typical Chilean reaction after is “well, it is just too late to change who I am now”. I am praying that he can find to will power to come to church with our help.
  One thing amazing about the Gospel is that even if a man lives 90 years sinning and finally receives the Gospel near the end of his life; he can still change and be forgiven of everything. It doesn`t matter the “amount” of sins we have committed because Heavenly Father does not count our sins. He looks at our circumstances and what we did with our circumstances. I watched a movie called “The Mediator” this week as part of my study and everyone should watch it. It shows the story of a young man living in Jerusalem that wanted to buy a house. He did not have money sufficient to buy one so he went to a creditor to ask for a loan. He filed the contract that he would pay all the money back within 3 years. He made small payments but the 3 years passed by quickly and the date arrived and he still hadn`t payed off his loan. The young man was thrown into prison in shackles and crying out in despair a man heard him and came in to the prison to see the young man. The stranger explained to the creditor that he would be willing to pay all of loan back if he would just release the young man. The creditor agreed to the conditions and let the youth go free. The mediator explained to the young man that to be free the path would not be easy, but that he would have to work hard for it.
  This movie shows an amazing example of how the Lord Jesus Christ saves us from our own condemnation.
  The first time I watched the film I instantly thought to myself: “well, the guy was just lazy and didn`t work hard enough to pay of the debt in time. I then realized that the point of the film is to get us to realize that NONE of us works hard enough; it is a very humbling thought to know that our own works will never be enough, we need the Savior.
 The one thing I have realized more than anything this last week is my dependence on the Savior and his redeeming grace.
  With the help of Heavenly Father , through the power of Jesus Christ, this week we were able to find people who were really prepared to hear the Gospel. I know that Christ lives and that the Church of Jesus Christ is God`s true church upon the Earth.
  Love you all and I hope you have a great week!!
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