“I go on a date”

Welp, this week went by really fast because it was the week of transfers. My trainer went home this week and I was sad to see him go. It made me feel super old in the mission. It is always really exciting the week of transfers and our minds go all over the place as the finishing missionaries always have interviews with President in the which they all learn the importance of getting married. We kind of get the second hand smoke from their interviews as all the missionaries around us talk about their plans to get married. hahah oh man, usually we lose some focus but luckily the next day the new missionaries arrive and they are all so cute and consecrated to the work haha. The new missionaries are good examples for all of us in the office.They bring a new spirit to the mission. The last group of missionaries to get here came SOOO prepared, they are Way More prepared than I was when I got to the field, it is amazing to see the work progressing.

This week I was feeling kind of like a robot(I think the office is taking my emotions away haha) so then I did something stupid. I prayed to feel sad about my sins so I could recognize them and then repent. Oh. Man. Dumbest prayer I have ever done because the next few days I was just a crybaby haha but it testified to me that Heavenly Father answers our prayers even when they are weird prayers haha.
We have found a lot of amazing people, just doing contacts in the street lately, these last 2 days everyone that we talk with has a sister who is Mormon and we have no idea why but it is awesome!!
We have a baptism of a young man named Sebastian this coming weekend and we hope all goes good because he was supposed to get baptized this last saturday, BUT he got home really late and could not make it.
  He is really cool!! His family has kind of just thrown him to the dogs, he is actually just visiting his aunt right now, he says he doesn´t want to go back home. Normally we have to ask permission from the parents but President said that in this case the aunt can just give permission YES!!
Ok now about the title of this email…umm haha this story is great. So it all started when I had to stay late in the office one evening and ended up going on divisions with another Elder from the office in his sector. We had a really great lesson with a new investigator from Peru named Sarah and then afterward Elder Monsalve told me that he had planned to go a ward party because they had planned really good to have a bunch of investigators. So in this moment we are on the corner of the street with a member while we wait for an investigator to show up to go to the ward party. Finally the lady shows up (in less than appropriate clothing) and tells us that she invited another friend that is also an investigator. We were super pumped to have so many investigators going to the ward party. After a few minutes the other lady shows up (in less than appropriate clothing, but were not judging because they are investigators)  and we are ready to go. But then they start talking to us and we kind of feel weird but we still don´t realize that they think we are on a date.haha. (Side note: the member that is with us is only 15 years old, so mission rules say that we can´t be with women alone without an adult man present) So at this moment we had planned good because we were in public and had to take bus with a lot of people to the party. Then we got on the bus and there is just like 20 girls our age on the bus and a women driving…great. So we start talking english trying to plan what we could do to get out of the situation haha oh man. Finally we get to the party and…well in chile the ward parties are kind of..well they don´t really have standards on the tipe of music they play so..haha it was of like night club music…oh man haha. But then a member comes and starts talking to the ladies( who are like 30 and 40 years old) and we think we are good. (we still don´t realize we are on a date, we just didn´t want to be alone with them haha) and then they kind of start like asking us a bunch of questions, like date questions not investigator questions.
Then she asks us how old we are….here we go. My comp says “23 years old” and the one lady is shocked out of her mind and like “what?” ” i thought…” “umm” hahaha
Then the other looks at me and says “well..then how old are you?!” and I said “19” and hahaha the look on the ladies face was…oh man soo funny. She realized that i could basically be her son hahaha.
The party goes on and we think they realized that obviously nothing was gonna happen between a 19 yr old and a 40 year old and so we feel a lttle more comfortable. Then the night gets kind of late and we have to go back to the house.We had made a bunch of effort so that the investigators felt comfortable and were with a member or two so they could stay the rest of the party and then get a ride home with them.
  So, we tell the ladies that we are going to leave and they say “oh yeah good idea, lets go” hahaha Then we explain that just WE have to go and they could stay with the other member ladies for the rest but they say ” the whole point of being here was to just come with you guys” hahaha oh man…
Yeah so in the end we take our SEPARATE taxis back to our houses and we tell this same story with all the Elders from the office.haha
Well, sorry there isn´t anything spiritual this week but I thought everyone would like a good story.
Love you all!! Chao!
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