New Year

New Year, New House,New Goals
  This week was very complicated because the whole week we were changing apartments. Our new apartment is awesome! We live right next to the beach with a view of all the touristy part of Antofagasta;we live on the 20th floor so it is going to be fun when we have occasional earthquakes…
  It was difficult trying to work in our sectors and work in the office and move all at the same time and we barely worked at all in our sector but the Lord blessed us(like he always does) greatly with TONS of receptive people. Seriously!, Every person with which we talked to in the street wanted to invite us in to eat with them or wanted to give us references! It was amazing watching the Lord work his magic, wow.
   We have a few families who we have recently found who are from Colombia. The Colombians are awesome!!! Their accents are sweeet!! One family that is always in my mind is the family of Andersen and Silvia and their little girl Angela. They are some of the kindest people I have met here in Antofagasta. I really hope that we can help them be an eternal family. They still need to get married and Andersen has some problems with drinking but we have big goals for them.
  This sunday was beautiful, it has been hard for me to focus my mind and spirit on the talks in church in the mission but this Sunday all the talks hit me strong. We have the privilege of having a Seventy live in our ward. His wife (whose name is translated to “Very Pure”haha) gave a talk this Sunday, she read from a Elder Hales general conference talk called “the dreammaker” or something like that. It explained a man who wanted to make everyone’s dreams come true. People didn’t really believe that he could do it but what he told all the disbelievers was “We have to work for our dreams” and he helped them realize that faith without works is dead, that goals without plans are just good intencion, the depths of dispair are full of people who had “good intencions” but never acted or acted without the Spirit of the Lord.
  I know this is true, this new year I have lots of goals spiritually and temporally that I hope to reach with the help of the Lord. I hope everyone can have some new goals this new that will help them become a little bit more like the Savior.
  I know the Savior lives and I know He is our perfect example. I am eternally grateful for the time that the Lord has been so kind as to grant me to live here on the earth in order to prepare myself and others to live with him again.
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One Response to New Year

  1. Mandy Tenney says:

    Happy New Year, Elder Gordon! I follow your blog and am very glad to see pictures and an update – you are doing so GReaT! Keep up the good work!
    Sister Tenney (aka Sam’s mom)


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