Wow it was great to see all of your beautiful faces yesterday!!!! There is always a lot of things I want to say during the skype calls but there is never enough time. ahh!! This week has been difficult and also amazing. Being in the office means that we don’t work in our sector a lot and you really have to focus on your investigators while focusing on your duties in the office so that the whole mission doesn’t go into chaos.

  I still haven’t figured out how to have this balance, somedays I forget our investigators and others I forget important things that need to happen in the office. It is going to big a really big challenge when the other financer leaves.
  Our sector is called “Los Origenes”, it was one of the first wards to start here in Antofagasta. The church assistance here is really good! We had 273 people in the church this Sunday!! WOW!!!
  Two of our investigators are ready to get baptized, but their dad does not want them to be members of the church. He wants them to experiment in other churches before making a decision. I can feel the real concern of the father for his children, but at the same time he really doesn’t want to accept that his children are really really happy in THIS church. We will be working with him this coming week.
  Our mission has reached a point where we are having more than 100 baptisms every month which is really good for south america missions! We have a lot of excitement right now in the mission, I just hope I can contribute my part in moving the Lord’s work along here in Chile. There are some missionaries here that have 10 or more investigators at church on Sundays and have baptized close to 50 people and other things. Sometimes I feel that I don’t have the ability to do such things but after studying more about the Grace of Christ I know I can do all things. I have recently gotten a new excitement to do the work, but I will need many prays to try to find a balance of all things working in the office.
  This week we had a Christmas Conference that was really fun..for the other missionaries hahaha actually it was fun for us too but we were running around like crazy!
  I have set the goal to read the book of mormon in a month and it has been really fun so far! It is hard to find time to study sometimes so we will see how it goes.
  I love you all and you are in my prayers!!
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