Bible History

 I have learned quite a bit about the creation of the Bible recently and it is kind of crazy how many times it was translated and how many put their whole lives into translating the Bible into English. I always thought that King James basically translated the bible with a few helpers, but it started a ton of time befor that in like the 1300’s when people were translating the Bible from Original text to latin and then to Greek and then trying to interpret it in English and then in the 1400’s king Henry the 8th promised his people they would have the bible in english. He made one, but it was kind of badly interpreted. Then a couple queens almost destroyed all the bibles in the land because they didn’t believe. Then in I think like the 1500’s John Wycliffe translated the Bible finally to pure english. Then some Bishops didn’t agree and translated it again. It was called “The Bishops’ Bible and then after some time people all jsut said that the bible really didn’t make a lot of since so King James called The Bishops and the other people that had worked on the translation of the old Bible and basically every genius in the world on religion to help him translate the bible from its original language while using what had already been translated. blah blah and now we have the Bible. A lot of craziness.
  What happened with the Book of Mormon is: Joseph Smith translated the plates by himself in his cabin, one time, without help. Not to be fixed again, apart from tiny changes in the words such as unnecessary “ands”..
 That is why the Book of Mormon is awesome..
  I know the Book of Mormon is true.
Please pray for Victor Rodriguez, Fernanda, Juan carlos, Maribell, Frankil, Pablo, Dilan, Family Gonzalez, Elder Mendoza
  Victor will be baptised this Saturday.
  week of changes..
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