(In Chile you yell to knock the door of a house. ¡Halo!)

Welllllll,, this week was great! A ton of things went bad, but who cares!! Because a ton of things went awesome!!

This week we got some new talks to listen to from the mission president that are super inspiring. Basically it is just Elder Holland just spitting a bunch of fire with some love from President Eyring snuck in there haha. ITS AWESOME!!! They talk about how Christ never had a break and how when we are working and think that we need a break, that we can think about him and recieve strengh to continue in our difficulties. I have recieved a lot of strength thinking about this recently.
  I made something up this week and put it on my wall to give us energy. Elder Muir and I call it the “Triforce of Baptism”
                                                    /   \
                                                 /         \
                                              / Baptism\
                                           /     \        /    \
                                        /          \    /        \
                               Obedience…………….. Charity
Ok that took a lot of time AND it looks horrible, but basically you take the Zelda symbol and fill it with the most important points in Missionary work. jaja
     We had the idea to purposely buy seats in the bus that were seperated the other day when we were traveling and I ended up talking to a young women named Andrea. She is awesome! Her family is seperated all over the place and she has had a hard life with, she works wherever she can find it in different mines all over Chile.
  Well we are teaching her weekly now and she really wants to find God in her life. Currently we are waiting for her to return from a trip to see if she recieved an answer as to if the Book of Mormon is true or no.
  We are also teaching Danilo Pulgar who is from the other side of Chile(along with basically all of our investigators haha) He is soooo humble and everything we teach him he puts into affect in his life ASAP. He is trying to stop smoking and is progressing a ton. He returned to his house this week in the other side of Chile but said he was going to take all of his family to the church there!
  We are teaching some youth named Juan Carlos and Scarlet, they are teens who are currently living together because the home of Scarlet is really complicated, but they have goals to get married as soon as they both are 18. I hope that they are meant to get married and that it is in the plan of Heavenly Father so they can be Baptized in January.
  We have a lot of investigators actually and I am sorry I don’t write more about them. Please pray for Mabel and Maicol and Victor and Barbara.
  We have been teaching the Plan of Salvation A TON lately and I have come to a new love for this plan that Heavenly Father has for us so that we can progress in this life and in the next.
  I am so grateful for the grace of God and Jesus Christ. I looked up the definition of Grace and it says: Ordained to recieve the Glory of God. Forgiven. Pleasant.
  We must all recieve the Grace of Christ in our lives. I know that Christ is my savior and redeemer. I know that He lives and is the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!
 Happy Halloween, Love you alll!!!
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