Welllll this week went by realllllyyyy slooowww to be quite honest. That is never a good thing to hear in the mission because it means that not many people are recieving the Gospel. This week we lost contact with all of our investigators and we had to start from scratch basically haha.

  Being that there is 5 active members here…we don’t work a ton with members in the work. We do have some good part member families though! Anyway this week we tryed to do a bunch of activities to find more people to teach. We held an English class and we invited just about half the city to come. Well in the end this was the  turnout:
Inline image 1
Hahaha!! Yeah i’m over it, no biggy. We also had a barbeque and a few less active members came, we also tried organizing a few soccer games in the chapel that ended up getting cancelled. yeah..
   We tryed every possible way to do door contacts this week including some of the stupidest jokes haha. I had to learn how to use FamilySearch website real fast this week when someone let us in their house to see how the website worked hahaha. Luckily I remembered the good ol days when Grandma and I did family history work.
 I am not going to go into details about this week but, I think this week almost broke my comp and I.. But the Lord blessed us SO MUCH yesterday and we found 4 new investigators and had lessons with members! Really the work depends a lot on the Lord.
  I have been studying a lot this week about “Happiness” and where it comes from, and what causes it. If it is something in our brain chemicals no more or if it has to do with our spirits. My study got way too deep when I was in Doctrine and Covenants reading about intelligences and the “light of truth” and in Alma 41..Basically one of the main things I have learned is that the farthest we can be from Satan and sin is the happiest we will be. When we gain a knowledge of how things work and their order in the universe we also feel joy because we feel closer to our Father in Heaven. anyway I love you all a ton. I pray that Jake and David and Tanner and Riley and Max and Mason and well everyone is baptizing truckloads!! Chow!!
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