¡Hola Familia!

¡Hola Familia!

This week was an absolute adventure! Wow!
 But first, I want to congradulate Aunt Shawncey and Uncle Eric on their wedding!

My week went like this: (cracks knuckles, knowing the finger pain from typing will soon come)
Lunes: We had companion exchanges with the elders from El Salvador ( a little mining town, haha well basically every town is a little mining town; but anyway, the town is at about 7,000 feet elevation so it is basically like taking a trip to Brianhead to ski, without the fun of having snow to look forward to.
 During this exchange we worked in Diego de Almagro and I got to know Elder Boyack a little more, and it was awesome, because he is from California but has family that lives in St. George(Carter Nelson).We ended up talking about St. George a ton haha. We taught a lesson to the family of Brian Duvot and his nephew Alexandre. Alexandre is 13 years old but when he was younger he broke his femur bone and I believe because of the pain he suffered he matured faster or something. He talks just like a normal 25 year old chilean man. His is the leader of all his friends which is awesome because we have shared the gospel a little bit with a ton of his friends because he convinces them to listen. haha. Well in the end of the lesson Alexandre wants to get baptized but his uncle is still unsure about leaving the Catholic Church. Please pray for Brian and Alexandre.
  After the lesson it was late and we were walking towards the house with the intention to find one more person.( OH I forgot! So I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but the people of Chile are pretty layed back when it comes to talking about God, often times we invite people to be baptized on the doorstep. Well President Ferreira has now said that this is gonna be our fundamental contact for a little while, and it has been working great! We have set a ton of baptismal dates in the street) Anyway we found Danilo Pulgar and he is awesome, he instantly was super interested and wanted to know all things about us.( we will come back to this later)
 Martes: Well in the morning we went to Chañaral for our district meeting and we watched an inspirational video (Panyee FC). After we traveled from the seashore up the mountain to El salvador in 2 hours and your ears pop about a thousand times. There is also a super sketchy road on the side of the mountain with a huge cliff that our bus almost launched off into the abyss. Meanwhile I got to share the first 3 lessons with a man next to me on the bus.
 But we had all the missionaries in our district in El Salvador to do an invasion. It was fun and we basically just talked to as many people as was possible. Elder Boyack told me his ” key to success” was to “just do it”. Starting in the morning, before he has time to think about what bad things might happen, he just doesn’t think and just does it! I loved this idea!!haha and it has actually helped me a lot. I believe it is how the Savior worked, He never had the thought “hmmm this might be difficult or embarassing…should I do it?” He “just did it”
Miercoles: I don’t actually remember what happened this day….but we talked with EVERYONE and found some old members of the church hidden under rocks.
Jueves: We tryed to be more virtuous by singing hymns all day in the street and it works pretty good. I now have memorized the song “abide with me” in Spanish and it is better in spanish.
 We found a new investigator that has a belief that Christ visited the American Continent after his resurrection…it was awesome to explain the story of the Book of Mormon to him. His eyes just lit up.
Viernes: Priesthood blessings work. If you need one, just ask for it.
   In the night we went to El Salvador AGAIN to do another exchange. We ended up talking a little about the theory of the book “The Life of Pi”. In the movie it makes the claim that religion is something that was created by man to make life seem easier. So that we as people can have some kind of fake hope.
  I started thinking about this because it is exactly what I thought before I was baptized and before I grew my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. Before I felt the Holy Ghost in my life.
  During the mission my mindset has changed a lot haha.(But don’t worry, in a good way!)
 I think that before I was baptized I like many other just didn’t want to be “tricked”. I didn’t want to believe in a fairytale story that there are miracles that happen everyday, and that people are called of God or that we have a supreme maker.
  I can say that it was a sad life, full of doubts, with nobody to help me.
 I can testify now that I know that God exists. I don’t have a doubt.
I had the opportunity during the companion exchange to visits some investigators in El Salvador who are Athiest. ( oh! I love talking with Atheist! -not sarcastic) They are 2 doctors who are highly educated and fit under the category of the saying ” All Brainsurgeons are Atheist”haha.
 I truly believe that Heavenly Father guided us somehow to talk about the ” Life of Pí ” movie so that I could remember my basic testimony in order to help this young couple.
  I could see a real change in the eyes of these 2 people during our lesson and I felt soo happy.
The real joy of mission work is seeing the change.
 We testified that at some point in our life… we have to leave our comfort zone. You have to take that big scary step into Belief… step into Faith.
I want to say to everyone that has a hard time believing in God, that THERE IS A GOD. He is our loving Heavenly Father and He was willing to let his son suffer the pains of all mankind so that we could one day return to His presence.
 There is ALWAYS going to be tons of supposed “facts” saying that there is no God. But you have to get over that just for a second. You have to do 3 things..
  You have to Read the Book of Mormon
  You have to use the Light of Christ in you and meditate about the message that the book carries.
 And Finally, you HAVE to ASK GOD if it is true.
 It is probably the three most basic, and for some reason, hardest steps that exist.
Please, just do it. If you already know. Do it again.
Sabado y Domingo: many miracles, no time to write.
  I love you guys
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