Oct 3rd Email

Well I can’t write much for the blog this week because I was writing a bunch of people in specific. Sorry!!
 Since last P-day, This week flew by but I feel like a million things happened. The work is a little rough right now trying to stay in contact with our investigators who are always working or traveling.
  Last tuesday we had our district meeting in which we practiced teaching other companionships and we basically all discovered we have tons of flaws haha; but in the end it helped us have excitement to go and do the work. We had a “Sector Invasion” where all the missionaries help in one sector specifically. I had the chance to go on splits with a new member of the Church in Chañaral. We visited his mom and she asked me to give her a Priesthood blessing. ( for those who aren’t members: in the church we believe that the power and authority of God are upon the earth and that worthy men can have this Priesthood to bless their fellow beings and to perform the ordenances of salvation such as baptism) The spirit was really strong; basically I didn’t have time to teach anything because we had to go but there on the spot she accepted a baptismal date. She asked “why did God send me you today?” I realized in that moment that really God had planned it all out for one reason or another that I would go there, and that a lot of times we don’t notice how much God is in our lives. Sometimes we look for big signs saying “this is the way” “take it”.
  In my coversion to the church I learned that you have to come to God, and THEN He will come to you. not the other way around.
  General Conference was amazing!! I am going to listen to every word of it again.
We had the chance to work in a little town in our sector and we had a lot of success and found new investigators and we have one investigator there that for some unknown reason(a miracle) he is willing to basically take us to everyone he knows and give us rides places. he is awesome!! ( Danilo)
  I love you guys!!
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