Rice to Riches

This week “started out slow, and then it started to grow”-Grinch

  The beginning of the week was just like last week and we were just looking for people to teach because we need new investigators.Something hilarious that happened just after I wrote last Preparation Day is:
  We were in a lesson with one of the recent converts to the church here. His name is Leonilo and he is about 60 yrs old. We began the lesson and were kind of just talking when his “wife” who isn`t a member(the story is a little complicated because they aren’t married and Leonilo was baptized because the “wife” was living in Columbia)  entered into the room.
  She walked into the room and saw us and paused and then said ” You guys know what, i would like to be baptized like my “husband”.
  “wow!” we said. Then she paused….and paused some more… and then stumbled a little bit backwards…and then a little forwards… and then we knew. She was black out drunk. haha
  Anyways basically after a second she starting saying other random stuff and then she started crying and then Leonilo (because he has an odd religious background) started praying outloud for his wife…and during all of this we are just sitting there in silence like ummmm..haha
 Tuesday: We traveled by bus to a town by the coast named Chañaral to have our district meeting. It was really uplifting because we all talked about the things that have helped us out in the mission the most. Some spoke about Humility, our Purpose, the Book of Mormon, counting blessings, prayer, fast. My companion and I both spoke about “understanding what is consecration”.
  About a month ago I had a personal study were I just wrote all my stressed out thoughts down on some pages of paper about the mission and consecration. My companion was having a hard day and I was able to share my notes with him and basically he said that all was cleared up for him after I told him what I thought. I won’t go into detail, but it was a tender mercy to be able to help my companion, all because I had written down my spiritual impressions. I then realized the importance of always trying to record my studies.
  But anyway District meeting was great and then after we had interviews with President Ferreira. He told us that we might be closing Diego de Almagro because the church assistance is so low… sooo we are just going to invite everybody and their dog to come to church!
  Also I would like to share a small part of the experience I had during my interview.
 I cannot share what happened exactly, but I just want everyone at home to know the true power of repentance, confession and of forgiveness. I have taught the steps of repentance many times to the people of Chile and I can testify that every single step is important. the steps are:
   Recognize, Stop committing, confess to God, confess to a servant of God if necessary, ask for forgiveness from God, Restitution of the wrongs comitted, and finally the most important and most often misinterpreted step is to FORGET your sin as the Lord has forgotten it.
   We often think that after doing steps necessary to repentance that we will naturally “feel better” or “forget our sins”as a RESULT, but the natural man isn’t that way. The natural man wants to hold on to all of our past problems and errors;he doesn’t want to give them up for some reason.
 I learned that “Feeling better” perhaps is not the result, but the most important STEP in repentance. We need to have the confidence, the testimony that our Savior payed for ALL sins.
   I am truly grateful for my Redeemer and Advocate, Jesus Christ.
 Wednesday: We had a few lessons in which our investigators basically declared that they are ready or don’t want to change their lives for the better. so that.
Thursday: We had a lesson with a Columbian man named Enrique who has had a very harsh life but still carries more joy and hope than most people. His family was murdered when he lived in Columbia and he says that he can’t return or the same will happen to him. His wife lives in Columbia but will be coming to live with him soon. He is more faithful to the church than most of the members but is still investigating the church. He is ready to be baptized basically but won’t commit to a few commandments. Please pray for him.
Friday: All things turned around for the better! I had a the personal study of all personal studies on Friday for some reason and we both just got super animated to go to work.We visited a little( and I mean little, 1500 people) town named “the Salt” and we found out that people are ridiculously nice there and are completely willing to listen to our message. It was awesome we taught a bunch of new people who are ready to get baptized and we found a bigillion future investigators! Wow I don’t have time to write all the things that happened on Friday but we taught a ton of lessons and had an activity in the chapel.
Saturday(wow): A big day for us here in Diego! we taught 6 lessons and found 4 new people and set 2 baptismal dates and had lessons with member( extremely rare here). These numbers are small in a lot of missions but for us it was huge!
Sunday: I gave another talk in church about preparing to listen to GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! and WoW I can’t wait until next saturdayto hear the Prophets voice!
  Wow so that was my week basically, I love you all and please prepare some questions for general conference that you want answered.
 Also please pray for : Johnathan, Ruben y Cecilia, Patricio, Edith, Fadme, Luz y Miguel, Pato y Norma thanks.
   Love you all a ton!!
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