First Week in Diego de Almagro

Well this first week here Diego de Almagro has helped me grow a lot as a person. I have encountered new challenges that we are going to take head on here. We(meaning my comp and I) basically ARE the church here. We have a Branch President and.. us.. and we have one brother with the Priesthood. WOOHOO! I have another chance to help a little branch get up and running here in Diego and it is going to be hard I know but it will be amazing to see. I still have high goals here and we will see baptisms here for sure.
  Well that is about all the energy I have to write today…..but in a letter I recieved from Bishop Ott he said that he is counting on me to share my mission with him so…here we go.
 On monday after the long drive and some time spent in Chañaral( the bigger city which is near the ocean, literally the exact situation as in my other home in Pozo Almonte where every district meeting we have to travel to another town) playing frisbee in the church we took another bus ride for about an hour and a half the Diego. I really enjoy the town already. The people here are awesome. There are tons of Columbians here and they all are super nice and really easy to talk to.
 There have been some recent converts here in Diego which is awesome to hear!! We are going to have to get the help of these converts to find more people to teach the Gospel.
  I have learned this week a little more wisdom on what I buy on P-day to eat during the  week because we no longer eat with members. Which is fine with me actually because I was eating ridiculous amounts of food in my other sector haha. but we ate noodles everyday this week haha I feel like we are college students or….oh yeah missionaries.
  We had a 70(church authority) visit the mission this week and so we all(half the mission) traveled to a conference. It was amazing and we were rebuked a little for our use of mission slang “papito” y “hijito”. But we learned a lot, we have been instructed to use Preach My Gospel(missionary training guide) more in our daily studies and to talk with everyone 100% of the time. I have already seen a change in the mission just from starting to do these 2 things.
Also during the conference I got to see some of my friends and fellow missionaries from the CCM.
 This first week here we have been looking under every rock to find people to teach. It is a challenge to have lessons with members,but yeah..we will find a solution haha.
  Really, this week my journal is jam packed of inspiration and things I have learned, also my spanish has grown a lot because my Companion speak very well.
  I dont know what would be important to share so I guess I will close saying that I know this is the Lord’s work and glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.
  Love you All!!
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