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I finally got to eat some peanut butter this week and WOOW it was so good! (Also Elder Ennis from the CCM in an companion exchange during this last week)
 This week flew by like a brisk slap to the face. I have been teased on a New level this week because I have been in Pozo for a 1/4 of my mission and the members all say that I and super old haha. We hope that we both stay here this next change because I would be basically a legend in the mission to stay in Pozo so long haha. And it totally could happen too because my comp has 2 changes with me..haha.
Firstly,please pray for Jesus, Pedro Fernandez, Jershon, Carola and Justin Martinez, Cristofer Silva and Oreana. They are in our hands and we need to help to have the Spirit with us so they can come unto Christ and be baptized. To recieve the joy of the Knowledge of the RestoredGospel.Inline image 3
A sister here gave me a giant jacket that she didn’t want so I will no longer have to fight the cold in order to feel the Spirit while talking to people in the street and night when it is freezing cold. I am more than excited about that.
Inline image 4Brother Varela helped us out a ton this week in Pica. He is one of the most dedicated people I have met here in Chile. He is always willing to drop everything for a chance to help the missionaries in their visits. Him and his wife live in Pica and own a few cabins that they rent out. Their house is in the middle of nowhere but it is gorgeous! I don’t know how they got the supplies there but.. who knows, the Otts also have a cabin in the middle of the forbidden forest in Boulder with no good roads, but it is still magically there.haha
This week I have been learning how to bake ever so slightly;I am starting small. I made some pancakes the other day that were really good and I have made some bread and some “sopaipias” or “fried bread” basically.(super chilean) We will what altitudes I can reach from here.Maybe one day I will dare to walk the wild side and bake a…cake.woo..haha.
I have learned a lot about Love for our “Companions” this week. Having companion exchanges has always been my favorite thing in the mission because the opportunity to learn something new and to strengthen someone else. Elder Ennis and I ended things a little rough in the CCM in Mexico and I truly know that Heavenly Father wanted to give me a chance to repent and sent Elder Ennis to me again. We are best friends here in the Zone of Alto Hospicio I would like to say.
  I would like to talk a little bit about how important it is to have true Christlike love for our “companions”, whether it be in the mission, in a marriage, at work. I have learned that until a companionship functions strongly, the work or progress ceases. I have learned that EVEN before our investigators. The person I have to have most love for,is my companion.(I hope this letter doesn’t sound know what I mean) We can’t teach about charity if we don’t have charity. I can’t try to set an example for the members and investigators here until I set a good example for my companion. I want to invite those at home to think about your friends or your spouses. Are you putting them first, before yourself? Are you setting the example of Charity or Christlike Love for them?
 Something funny that happened this week is:
    We were eating lunch at the Martinez house and we had just said how fat we both felt after eating a ton of delicious food from this Sister. I took a seat at the table again after taking my plate to the kitchen and as I sat down(oh did I sit down!) the chair descintagrated(spelt wrong, oh well) and I went crashing to the earth haha. The only thing that was said by Brother Martinez was: “wow,…you need to eat less bread” hahaha
  There were a lot of spiritual experiences this week I would like to share but,, no time to write them all.
  I love you all!!
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