Blog 8/29/16

Wow I have a lot to write a little time to do it. I just read about a million emails. My brain is about to explode but here we go.

Last P day I learned a little about consecration when we were ivited to eat with a family of members but when we got it the car with them to go to their house they informed us that they had to do some stuff first and it would only take a minute. We then drove to the outscirts of the town and we unloaded the car at a laundromat. We entered, they introduced us to some people shortly and then said they had to run somewhere “really fast” in the car and that we should just stay at the laundromat and wait and talk with the owner…hahaha. We were just left there laughing haha, but we talked with the owner and he is an inactive member of the church and said he would come to church from now on.woohoo. P-Day Consecration!!

  I have to tell a short story about one of our investigators who is…in my families words..a “space cadet”. He is not all there sometimes.haha. The other day we had an appointment with him trying to figure out his necessities. My companion asked him if he had a girlfriend, he then said “no” but then talked about 3 different women who he possibly dating at the same time.. We also found out he has a daughter so we asked how old she was.He said 30. Buuttt, this investigator is 31 years old…hahaha. My comp and I and the member we were with were just dumbstruck looking at eachother confused..hahaha..ahhh good times…he is going to be baptized.
  Satan has found a new way to attack me that I don’t like because I can’t do anything about it. I have had dreams everynight this past week about returning home and I wake up feeling super crummy..ahh.. but what can one guy do..
  I learned a lesson of humility this week. In a lesson that we had I doubted the baptismal date that my companion placed with a family because they have certain difficulties that aren’t going to be easy to overcome in a short amount of time. But after I realized that through Christ we can overcome any obstacle in a matter of seconds depending on our faith. I went to my comp right away and told him about my thoughts I had had towards him and….wow I am realizing this story is kind of wierd to tell and hard to explain but the message is: confess your sins as soon as you can, ask for forgiveness as soon as you can, if not it is just going to dwell inside you until you explode. I have learned a lot in the mission to just share my honest thoughts with my companions and everything turns out good.
  We had a lesson this week with a less active and her boyfriend who have been fighting about getting married…uhh yeah maybe that is the sign. But basically a short summary of what happened is that they have a LOT more problems than we originally thought and I wanted to give so many “palos”(palo means “stick” literally, but it means to “tell it straight”) I inicially wanted to use so many scriptures to tell this sister all the ways she needs to keep her promises with Heavenly Father.
   But, then I was struck by the Holy Ghost very strongly. In one instance I remembered all my wrong doings in my life…and how sad I was in those moments and that what this sister really needed was to feel the love of the Savior for her. That she has a brother who suffered for her already. I was humbled greatly in this moment. I am eternally grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life.
  WOW  want to write so many things!!
  We had a baptism this week of April Cortez!!! She is awesome and is already sooo strong in the Gospel!!!!
 Woww I love you all soo much!!
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