Main stuff that happened

Welllll..I was reading through my journal for what I was going to write but really I am exhausted and there are way too many miracles to write. sorry!

Please pray that:
Yershon, April, Carola, Justin, Sebastian, Pedro, Rodolfo, Cristofer, Melinca, Alvaro
                                          can be baptized soon. Thankyou.
This past week we have accomplished a lot. I have seen Heavenly Father physical hand in our lives a lot. Elder Bravo and I are super good friends and I am learning a lot from him. I am going to be sending a lot more pics of baptisms home from now on.
 It has been cool to talk with Elder Ennis again from the CCM.
 I know that my Savior lives and that He is my advocate with the Father.
 The highlight of my week was in an appointment that was really awkward teaching about the Law of Chastity and in the end I brought the lesson back around and invited our investigator to baptism quoting Mosiah 18:10. Never felt the Spirit so strong in a lesson before.
We had one night with no electricity so we lit a bunch of candles and it felt like Christmas at home.
 I Love you mom. I Love the rest of you.
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