Hey momma

This week was bit of crazy and a bit of sad.

First things first, I don’t have anytime to write like always…srry.
Secondly, Mom Phil Collins sings all his songs in spanish too…yeah. You need to look them up because I bet they are wicked awesome!
Thirdly, to all those who read my blog who might live in Provo Utah, if you see an Elder Castillo(from Chile) tell him that his mom says “hi” from Pozo Almonte.haha
This week for some reason we just kept finding our investigators in bad situations. We visited a few people to find them drunk when they were super close to being baptized. We have a couple families that can’t be baptized because the parents with custody won’t allow it ooorrr a lady that can’t be baptized because her husband says no. Things like that just kept happening this week. BUT we haven’t lost hope because we know that it is all in the plan of God and that He wants them to enter the church in another time is all.
We experienced the power of fasting and prayer this week in Pica. We basically are trying to open a new sector so we are just knocking a ton of doors and trying to get names from the members of the church that live there. We were a little depressed in Pica on Wednesday when we discovered thast Gabriela and Carla no longer can be baptized because the father disagrees with the decision, BUT right after we found 2 knew investigators who already have a baptismal date and are super excited!
We have some knew members that moved into the ward and their son is 9 years old and for some reason is not baptized, but he wants to get baptized super bad…..woohoo!! Baptism on the way!!(Sorry to those members of my family who aren’t members and think that I just want baptisms and I am psycho or something, in the mission you learn just how important it really is. We’ll talk later)
The Branch of Pozo Almonte has been growing rapidly and I am super excited to see it be a healthy ward in a few months!!Many members are recieving callings and we are constantly having activities!
To put something spiritual into this tiny letter(really I am soo sorry that I don’t have pictures or much info) I am going to talk about consecration. After pondering many times and thinking in depth I have realized how beautiful and how much easier of a life it is to such be consecrated to what the Lord needs. Consecration is Not suffering every moment to do the work, it is not having “fun” either. When we are consecrated we feel JOY. Joy is what we feel when we know that Heavenly Father is happy with our work. It is putting others before yourself. Putting the Lord before your own desires. It doesn’t mean you have to just study the scriptures all the time or be a seminary teacher your whole life, it is living a life like the Savior lived. When someone is in your path that needs help, help them. When Heavenly Father asks us to do something, we do it.
 Love everybody at home! Pray for opportunities to spread the Gospel!!
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