¡¡C,H,I…¡Chi, Chi, Chi!.. ¡L,E! ¡Le,Le,Le! ¡¡VIVA CHILE!!


Well on Tuesday we had a baptism of the branch and we had 2 investigatos come to the baptism to see it! They are really prepared to recieve the Gospel!  The Husband just needs to accept it now.
We have one investigator who is just.. perfect. His name is Andres and he is 18. Whenever we teach hime something it seems like he always says ” Oh yeah, I am already living this” or “oh yeah I already talked with my girlfriend about that and she completely agrees that we need to wait.” its awesome! He just wants to be baptized!! Th only thing is that he is never home so we can’t find time to teach him all the lessons.ahhh!! oh well, we will figure something out haha.
I found out this week that getting someone married here is actually really easy and a bunch of our investigators are going to be married soon. The only thing is the big distraction in everyones mind of “but how are we going to pay for a wedding?”…. Just get married people.. Please..
The giant festival for the Virgin in the City La Tirana was huge this week. For 4 whole days it was just cars non stop passing through our little town of Pozo. Apparently even the members go to this festival every year here…kind of strange..but whatever.hahaha
We had another successful visit to Pica this week and a girl cried in the street when we quoted the First Vision of Joseph Smith in the sacred grove.
I have been learning this week how to help people recognize when they have an answer from the Lord. A few times this week the Spirit really guided us in our lessons and explaining baptism has become a lot easier. Also it has become really easy to invite people to be baptized recently. I don’t know what happened, but one day it just clicked. I know that it was a gift from the Holy Ghost and I am extremely grateful for that.
My comp Elder Bravo and I have become really good friends and we have been sharing a ton of stories about home with each other and how milk in the states is better than milk in Argentina, or how Argentinians can barbeque a lot better than Americans and whatever random thing. We really enjoy doing the work of the Lord here.
We had a couple days this week when all of our investigators were in another city for the festival and nobody was in our area. We WALKED SO MUCH…. Our feet were destroyed haha. But we found a lot of new names and people to teach.
OK. The best part of my week. We had a lesson with a family of 3 this week , Barbara, Joana, and Johnny. It was “The Miracle” lesson. We knocked on the door and waited expecting a normal greeting or a “Ohhh, little ones, i am a little busy right now” but when the mom answered the door and saw us she was extremely excited and basically demanded to enter. She said her daughter had been reading a little bit of a book(book of mormon) we had left and that her daughter had showed her some of the parts of the book. She said she really liked what she had read. Then Barbara(daughter) did a recap on what she had read and basically taught the first lesson quotes parts from the testimony of Joseph Smith.
   So up till this point Elder Bravo and I are just stoked to be there when we realize its our turn to teach. I had never fealt so comfortable in a lesson. I didn’t need to smooth talk anything. I just said what the Book of Mormon taught about Christ and how if we really have a true desire to follow our Savior and make a commitment or promise with Him we are going to be baptized.
   They were soo excited for the invitation to be baptized and they wanted us to come back and teach EVERYTHING. hahaha. I love the miracles that I witness in the mission.
Sunday was kind of rough at first because we didn’t have a lot of investigators in the Chapel with us but then out of the blue, random past investigators just started walking in the door. We hadn’t talked to a bunch for a long time, some had had crazy fear of ghost in the chapel, some we just invited in the street. It was just another Miracle of the Mission!!
Some of my studies this week included a in depth study of the Second Coming of Christ to prepare for a class we teach on Sundays. It really brought me closer to the fact that we need to prepare, now. We don’t know when it is going to be, nobody does, but it is going to happen, and it is going to be glorious!
  I am not good with words, especially after transferring to spanish, but I can’t wait to see my Savior, and my Father, my Dad in Heaven. He who always answers my prayers, who always shows mercy upon me, even when I choose wrong, He who watched his own son suffer for all the world and had to just let it happen. He who knows better than I the path that I need to take.
 Sorry this week’s letter wasn’t very spiritual. I will be praying for all of those back home.
                                                                           -Elder Gordon( 3 Nefi 5:13)DSCN0496RSCN0494
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