Miracles no mas..

HOLY COW I just read about 30 letters and I do not have anytime to write now. I would like to start off by saying how many miracles I have seen in the lives of all my family and friends and schoolmates, fellow missionaries, ccm teachers, etc. The work of the Lord is going in leaps and bounds right now and I have am so glad to be a part of it all. I have not just seen miracles in the mission work but just in the lives of people in general.
Thanks to everyone who writes everyweek to update me on the many miracles of our Heavenly Father!
1) Through the Liahona I have ridiculous faith that Dale Renlund is a servant of Christ and was called of God to serve as an Apostle.
2) We have had the craziest weather here lately. sand storms, RAIN, fog, 50 mph wind, hottest of days, coldest of nights, earthquakes, etc. haha the second coming!
3)Our new Mission President (pres Ferreira) and his wife are awesome. We had our first conference with him the other day and he is going to run a tight ship. I am super stoked. It was scary to talk to him at first because he is very concerned about everything so if you have something to say.. it should be important. I had to call him on the phone the other day and I about wet myself.hahaha. We are going to simplify the mission, teach the Doctrine of Christ to everyone and double the amount of lessons we have with members. We are going to picture everyone in white,pure. He has a lot of confidence in us as missionaries. We are going to act more on the Spirit more than ever. He is amazing and I am super excited to serve the rest of my mission with him!
4) I learned some patience this week when a couple days we had awesome plans, days FULL of appointments. The thing was that we kept running into people in the street who were ready to be taught but we had to be at our appointment. To explain better, on the days when we have no plans, we cant find a living soul. On the days when we already have committments, everyone is available ahhh!! haha
5) We have new rules for a little town in our sector called Pica. We can now proselyte freely in the street! We are going to do crazy things now in Pica and baptize everyone!haha. Also our trip to Pica this week was very successful and we found someone to teach around everycorner, in every moment. Heavenly Father guided us through the streets. it was awesome!
6) We have some families preparing to go to the temple here and it made me think about all the things we are able to learn in the temple. Just being outside the temple on the grounds I feel that I can learn more from the Spirit alone. I invite everyone to go to the temple, give service, build your faith. In priesthood meeting on Sunday I was reminded of how blessed we are in St.George to have a temple always in sight. The brethren were talking about how they felt when they first saw the temple in Santiago Chile. Most have only been one time.
  In St.George we are lucky enough to see the temple everyday, to be blessed by its presence alone. I honestly miss everyday the opportunity to go outside and walk down the street to see the House of the Lord.
7) This week I was able to feel a new joy for the work and for the people here. I have come to realize recently how imperfect I am. How imperfect in reality, everyone is. BUT, because of this simple fact, that nobody is perfect,..everyone is perfect. In my eyes this week I was truly able to realize how perfect and beautiful everyone of my brothers and sisters under Heavenly Father is. We are all trying our best in this life. I have felt my charity and love for others as I have come to realize my own faults in the mission. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and to be broken down a little so I can be built up to something great. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for EVERY single one of his children. Put your life in the Lords hands.
8) Lastly, I cannot even come close to writing all the miracles I see everyday in the lives of the people of Chile,..the world. I know that there is a bigger plan. I know that Christ lives. I do not have a doubt that Joseph Smith restored the Gospel to the Earth. I know for a fact that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the church of God. I say it with pride. I say it with Humility, hoping that all will know that I am not just a machine who is giving a memorized testimony. I have not been tricked into believing,knowing that the Gospel is true. I have truly found it. It is engrained in me. I love it.
In the video The Stonecutter(everyone needs to watch it) there is a line that hits me really hard. The mother is talking to the Father saying that he doesnt need to go to work because his leg is broken and someone else can do the work for him. Someone else can take his place in constructing the temple in Salt Lake City. He says to her: “but,… its my calling”
We have all been called.
 I am eternally grateful for “my calling” to serve the people of Chile for 2 years. Please, strive to find your calling.
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