Hola, tanto tiempo

Hey fam, this week has been really fun. I forgot to bring my journal to the ciber where we write our emails so I can’t remember like anything that happened this week but I am going to try hahaha.

This past week we worked like crazy with all the members in our branch. Wow this is getting hard to write in english because I am just speaking spanish all the time now. My memory is super bad I have realized, I am trying to find ways to grow my brain power. I have been trying to memorize a bunch of words and scriptures.BUT anyway yeah this week was awesome. The majority of our lessons we had a member present which changes everything because the person can feel comfortable and can know that we are just normal people. Not just “Los Mormones” haha.
We had a really successful day in Pica and Heavenly Father helped us have something to do an every second of the day. Sometimes it is really hard there because we are not allowed to proselyte. We kept running into people in the street whom we were looking for.
Elder Bravo and I are pretty good friends at this point, he is one of the chillest people I have ever met. He apparently before the mission got a degree to build houses and already has a plan for after the mission. haha (Dixie!!!!!)hahaha
We had a Branch talent show this week and we brought one of our new investigators whose name is Patricia. She is awesome! She was recently in an accident and recovering from an acoma. She knows a lot about other religions but because of her accident she thinks all things for little kids are cool. Our “talent show” was basically just a ton of little kids singing and dancing for 2 hours…She thought it was the greatest thing ever haha. Awesome.
We Officially have a new Mission President. Pres. Ferreira from Chile. Hermana Ferreira actually served her mission in Antofagasta. We recieved a new mission rule this week that we can now play soccer on P-days. The catch is that there has to be Sister Missionaries present haha. But anyway todya we took advantage of the new declaration and played together as a zone. It was way fun!
We taught someone in the bus AGAIN this week. The bus is seriously my favorite place to find new investigators!  When we were coming back from Pica on wednesday night i tryed talking to every person in the bus, but nobody was giving me the time of day, I ended up putting a pass along card of the Book of Mormon on the seat next to me and began doing some language study. I was mid study when I heard Elder Bravo start talking with someone about the Book of Mormon. I looked up and someone had found my card. Anyway long story short he was prepared for us and we taught all of lesson 1 about the restoration of the Gospel and I am certain he will be baptized here quick. He lives in another zone but… ehh.
 I am so grateful for the help of Heavenly Father in our work. We can’t do anything without him. We have to just be ready to teach and be worthy and Heavenly Father always puts someone in our path.
This sunday are branch was sooo disfunctional haha. Everyone was just talking without whispering, all the babies were crying, there was people waiting to give their testimonies just standing on the stand next to the people giving their testimony laughing or telling jokes as a family, We almost didn’t have any bread for the sacrament. hahaha it was great.
The other day we were walking to a house out in the Boonies and a van was passing us in the street. For some reason I was just super pumped this day to find people and I just yelled to the  van “HEY, when could we pass by your house and share something?!” They stopped….gave me a look.. and said. ” yeah thursday at 6 in the afternoon would be perfect” haha It was awesome.
This week is going to be another week of traveling and we are going to have to work hard not to lose contact with our investigators. We have to be in other cities almost everyday this week for conferences and interviews and exchanges and random stuff. ahhhh. I love it!!!
I would like to say God Bless America! and a Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!!! I am so grateful to be member of the Church of Jesus Christ and I am also (singing) 🎼“Proouud to be an American”[?][?][?][?]
I have learned to love the people of Chile and can’t believe how fast time is going by. Now that I am no longer being trained the weeks are flying by like days!
 Some days I feel like I don’t accomplish anything. Some days I feel like I am on top of the world. Every night I forget it all and remember, that it’s not about me. It doesn’t matter. I am grateful to have come to know Heavenly Father through my prayers. I am so grateful to have someone that understands everything I am going through. I am so grateful for the power of families, that we have a chance here in the earth to prepare to be parents in the life to come of many, many, more children.
 My mind is super scatter brained this week and sorry that this letter isn’t very spiritual but I love you guys at home and wish the best!!
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