This week we had a zone conference with president Dalto that was crazy awesome and I have a ton of notes that I am not going to share because there is just too many. haha sorry. Hay Bautismo. In the conference we had tacos for lunch which was the greatest things every. Holy Cow they were soo good. Mexican food haha. The conference lasted for 4 hours or something like that but my favorite part of the whole thing was the end when we all gave our testimonies. It was the strongest testimony meeting I have ever been in, because all of our hearts have been changed on the mission and we are all one in purpose. President left us with his last words that if we don’t remember anythings else of Pres. that we would remember that he knows Christ lives with every fiber of his being.

Pres. Dalton has a crazy story of how he became mission president because he had cancer and all kinds of things went wrong with his papers. He was denied from going on a mission but then somebody messed up in the paper process and he passed.  He was called to the Secretary Position for the area. There are only 15 of those people in the world. He wasn’t qualified, but for some reason one of the 70 recieved confirmation that it should be him. A ton more crazy things etc.. awesome! Oh and his life was saved because he started his mission papers.
We traveled everyday this last week, whether it be going to Iquique to get papers for my comp. or Zone conf. or Flu shots in Iquique another day and Exchanges with the district leaders the next day or going to Pica to find some new investigators. Or going to pick up my new companion today. ahhhh haha this week was full of just random stuff!!
This week we had and awesome lesson with a new investigator we just met on the doorstep looking for her cousin. We had with us that night a youth that is preparing to go on the mission. To sum it up, he bore a super strong testimony and without us needing to say anything the lady(Soledad) just said. ” I need to read this book”(book of mormon)…. yeah you do!! haha
Heavenly Father helped us a ton this week to find new investigators who have been prepared for us. One day we had this random reference to this huge construction lot. We basically just walked up to this giant gate and yelled ¡Alooo!( that is just how you knock here) and a man came running out asking what he could help us with. He then asked if we were mormons because his brother is mormon and his life is awesome and well to be brief. He is well prepared and we are excited.
Exchanges this week was really fun. We had one appointment where the man would not stop talking and my comp and I just controlled the conversation and in the end he actually excepted a baptismal date after asking him like 5 times because he didn’t understand haha. it was awesome haha
Elder Whibley and I had a lesson the other day with Patricia and the Spirit just taught the whole thing. We just sat back and let it play out. It was amazing to see how our minds were on the same page the whole time!
We have a new investigator in Pica!!! this doesn’t happen often because we can’t proselyte in Pica so we are super excited. She already has friends in the Church that are going to visit her!
Today was my last day with Elder Whibley. We had a ton a good memories, also a ton of hard times together, but in the end he was like my brother. I am going to miss him. He taught me a lot about charity.
Today I also met my new companion. Elder Bravo! He is from San Juan, Argentina. He speaks only spanish and is learning english. I am a little stressed to have my first full spanish companion and I sure it is going to be rough at times but I am pumped to learn spanish! He seems pretty legit, his family is also really big and he has been a member his whole life. His parents are converts.
This morning for some reason Elder Whibley and I both had crazy dreams, but I think they were both sent from Heavenly Father to help us out. I had a dream where literally every possible thing that could go wrong with someones life, through cause of sin, happened. It was awefull, but I woke up this morning and after saying my prayer, I felt Sooooo much joy in my soul that I don’t ever have to see any of those things in my life because I have the Gospel. Christ is my Savior and example. The Holy Ghost my guide. God is my Loving Heavenly Father.
I was reminded of the importance of repentance this sunday when an Hermana gave an amazing talk about how it would feel to give up a child, to be mocked by the world, to be hated, killed,so you could save the rest of mankind, EVEN when you don’t know that the rest of mankind is going to accept the gift, the sacrifice of your child. Through Christ’s blood are we made clean, through mercy we are saved. I am so grateful that I can use the Atonement in my life. Everyday I realize how imperfect I am, I have also seen how beautiful my life will be if I hand it over to the Lord.
The thing I would like to share the most this week is that, we are NEVER going to to know the right path to take. But Heavenly Father knows. There are infinite things you could do with your life, how do you choose? You don’t choose. You give your life the Lord and He molds something out of you that you never imagined.
In ALL things, I invite everyone to remember the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Whenever there is hard times at work or family crisis, just push forward in faith. Push forward following the commandments, following the guidance of our leaders.
Love you Guys!! Happy Fathers day!!
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