Oh snap, its already P-Day!

¡Hola familia! Mi carta este semana va a ser muy corto porque tenemos servicio  hoy dia.

I was able to study a few great questions this week in my personal study. One of the things I learned is the importance of knowing that Christ lives. Because often we say that Christ had the Atonement in the Garden of Gethsemane.. and then He died on the cross. But Christ dying on the cross was what completed the Atonement. He had already felt every pain possible,taken upon him all the sicknesses, heartaches of the world. The only thing He hadn’t done was die. Give up his spirit.
   The fact that the Atonement only works on account of Mercy is the reason why Christ’s resurrection is so important. His resurrection is the proof that the Atonement worked, that all the forces of the heaven felt so much mercy for Christ that He was able(allowed) to live again.
  This is a beautiful message and I often try to picture being in the position of Peter when he found out the Christ had risen after going 3 days without knowing what would happen, what had happened.
This week we talked about our objective as missionaries in district meeting and about the things we do toreach objective. Sometimes we do things in order to make it more fun or pretty along to way to the objective but we get involved in sid projects. We end up thinking that.. for example:writing notes at night about the day, or working witht the branch more, or making sure people come to english class so we can have new investigators. We end up getting so involved in these things that we lose sight of we we are doing. We :
  “Invite people to come unto Christ by helping them recieve the Restored Gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Recieving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring till the end.”
  Earlier this week we were walking out in the boonies to find a reference we had and we were totally just lost but Heavenly Father put 2 families in our path who have already read the Book of Mormon and just need some help to get on the right path.
We taught Milen this week and found out a ton more about her. She wants to be prepared for when her daughter returns from the mission, to be abe to talk to her about Gospel things.. but not really anymore than this. She want to know the Gospel but take her time. I always get so lovingly angry when we teach her because I know how long I waited before I took the Church seriously before my conversion and how much I don’t want her to wait  7 years also. ahhh
We went to Pica this week and it was super successful! We have some new progressing investigators that came to mutual when we invited them even when the circumstances were really hard for them to come. Its a long story but they came and it was awesome!
We are doing a Semana Blanca this week so we can’t think about our families in order to be focused in the work more. During our car ride back from Pica we were with a Senior Couple whom are serving here and they are from Colorado. They ended up just asking us all about our families and Utah and St. George. hahaha it was so trunky!haha (Trunky: when you talk about home, also means: lame, because its lame to talk about home) But one really cool thing is we ended up stopping in the middle of the desert to look up at the stars. There were no lights around for MILES, it was the most stars I have ever seen. The Milky Way was crazy!! also mars and saturn. we just sat and stared for a few minutes. It made me think about the Temple and the Beauty of the Creation of the Earth.
I ate some pig feet this week and it was super good! not being sarcastic it was delicious!
We have had so many blessings this week I cannot explain how much I know that Heavenly Father is watching over us. I am starting to learn how to follow the spirit more in lessons. My Charity for these people has grown a ton. It will be interesting to see what happens this next Cambio, if Elder Whibley leaves or stays. If i leave or stay.
P.S. Everyone should study the vision of Lehi in depth because its beautiful.
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