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This week has had many ups and downs but it has been a lot of fun! I don’t really know where to start with this email so I am just gonna throw some stuff out there.

We had a family home evening with a new member family the other day and we were mid lesson when the mom Carmen just screamed. AHHHH!! Raton!!!! hahaha There was the tiniest little mouse on there kitchen counter.haha We then spent the next 15 minutes catching this mouse (there were actually 2) and in the end there super expensive little pure bread Shih Tzu caught and ate both the mice whole haha. It was loco!!
As I studied The Restoration this week I realized how thankful I am to have a Prophet. Without him and the 12 Apostles we could try and live the Gospel, but after time we are going to go astray and everything just like the stories of the bible. He keeps us in line when we go astray.
Elder Whibley and I started sharing more what we have been learning in our personaly study time and it is awesome! We are learning a ton from each other.
We wrote down our testimonies the other day as part of our Comp. Study to see how they have changed to our testimonies that we wrote before the mission. It was interesting to see how much simpler my testimony is now. I didn’t write a billion things down that I know are true. I just wrote 3 points I think. To try to explain my testimony in depth of the Gospel would take too long haha. Basically all I wrote on my piece of paper was
          “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”

I then realized how at the beginning of almost all testimonies of the youth the first line is “I know the church is true” We take this line for granted sometimes, but it’s the most important one. What else do we need to know…..
We had a familly that was really struggling with their relationship as spouses and we just invited them to pray together that night. The next day we returned and it was like they were a perfect family. Sometimes we just need to recognize we all have the same goal in mind. The come to Christ and help our families. They just needed to say it outloud to each other.
I met a Sister that is and old legend here in Pozo the other day. She is the owner of our house actually haha. She has a story that should be published everywhere. I don’t want to try and share it all because I would slaughter it but in simple words, she was taught by an imaginary friend(I think an angel) when she was a girl the Plan of Salvation (in depth) and one day the missionaries visited her and she basically just agreed with everything they said and was baptized immediately. She has the strongest relationship with Heavenly Father I probably have ever seen.
We hard a ward party this week in the Capilla and it started really really slow and awkward. We left to go work our butts off in the street and when we had returned later that night the place was booming! I know that it is only because we worked hard that this miracle came to pass and that all miracles come this way.
We visited and a new investigator (Karen) the other day. (She is about 16) While we were talking with her on her doorstep her parents came walking the road absolutely intoxicated. They were basically in a fist fight one second and falling on the ground the next… There are 7 children in this family who are all really little and they think it is funny when their parents are drunk, but Karen always has the responsibilty to make sure nothing bad happens when her parents come home like this. We did what we could and left with a prayer… This was the saddest I have felt for a while on the mission as we left. I could see the pure embarassment, sadness in this young girls eyes as we left.
That experience humbled me a lot.
Sunday was really beautiful. We had a sister that is blind show up a little late to church today and didn’t make it to sacrament meeting. She burst out crying that she couldn’t take the sacrament.I was so grateful for an opportunity to use the Priesthood and bless the sacrament in a back room for this sister. It really reminded me of my love for the Savior.
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