AY Chihuahua

You guys telling me about all these movies is loco haha. People here are always talking about the new movies that are awesome. And as missionaries we just sit and are like “yeaahh…..”haha.
This week was way fun !
A few of the Hermanas in the ward found out that it was my birthday and they made me a huge cake. It is tradition here to smash the persons face into the cake so that was fun.haha. It was sooo good though!
We had intercambios this week. I was with the new comp of the district leader. I learned a lot of respect for my companion and all the work he puts in, because this other elder didn’t talk as much as Elder Whibley so I had to do most of the talking. It forced me to be more social which was good. This week I have been learning a lot about the balance between being nice with someone and getting to know them and be their friend and all, but still remember that we have a very specific purpose in being with this person. Normally Elder Whibley is more social and I like to get the lesson in so I can go help more people. I learned a lot of charity this week and how the work isn’t always going to move as fast as you would like. Sometimes I think I can be like one of the many prophets of the Book of Mormon and just put my heart into a lesson and they will instantly be converted through the spirit. This is obviously not true haha. Part of faith in God, is faith in God’s timing.
I finally had time this week to read the talk that Robert sent me about the Atonement. It was super deep and all the scripture references helped me to understand the depth of the Atonement. I think my favorite part of it all was that mercy can overcome the law of Justice, which is an “unbreakable”law of the universe and of God. When Christ died for us all the heavens and all things under wept for the pain of Christ. The whole earth shook because of the injustice that was the Atonement of Christ. He is the only way we can return again to heaven because whatever He desires the Heavens will allow it because he suffered so much. He desires for us to return to live with our Father in Heaven.
I would just like to say how grateful I am for the rules of the mission that keep us on track and in the strait and narrow path. Sometimes I think ” ahhhh, I don’t know what to do in this situation!” but then I simple look in our handy dandy rule book(“guide to success” as we call it) and there is the answer.
We met a family this week that has a missionary out, but only part of the family are members. I am in the exact same situation so I was able to share my feelings about home and how their daughter that is in the mission is probably experiencing the same things. She said something that was really funny but opened my eyes a little.She said. ” yeah, my daughter writes me every week, but she writes me like a missionay.Not like my daughter.” I bore my testimony to her that her daughter is still the same girl, she has not become a missionary baptizing robot for the church. The reason she writes home every week telling you to go to church or the read the Book of Mormon is because for the past months she has had 12 hours a day to think about the Atonement, to think about all the blessings of the temple and of our Heavenly Father. The only difference between a missionary and a normal person is we have a Name Tag and nothing else to do during the day but tell people about the Most Beautiful Plan that ever was. She writes home differently because she has realized how important this really is to her.
  I want to help this Sister that is out so bad! by getting her family baptized!
The mission has changed my testimony of the Gospel. My testimony that I gave when I was baptized, and for a long time was:
                    ” I know that this is where I need to be”
Now my testimony is:
                    ” I know this is where We need to be, everyone.”
-This week we have 4 new investigators, not very many actually, But ” of them are just ready to be baptized, They both accepted the baptismal invitation the first time we met them and have come to church with us! Patricia is a mom of 2 who just wants to have the Holy Ghost soooo bad! The other is Andreas who is new here in Chile and doesn’t have any friends. He went to a religious school in Bolivia and he told us a little about the things they taught… and they actually sound super LDS haha. He basically taught lesson 3 for us haha.
-We have alot of members who are struggling here. We have been helping one family with marriage problems. We are like spiritual marriage counselors ar this point.
-Our Branch is super stoked for baptism right now and our Branch counsel meetings on Sundays are fire!
-I have met a ton of new people this week and cant begin to explain how close they already are to God. It’s awesome!
I can’t believe it is summer vacation already for you guys! Have Fun!Go swimming for me!
I love every single one of your emails and I am so sorry I don’t respond more specifically to everyone!
Love you all!
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