¡Hay Bautismo!

Hey mom can you pay my tithing on that 50 dollars grandma and papa gave me… thanks. haha

This week was loco! We had the baptism of Jasmin this last Saturday and it was awesome. It got the branch super excited to do missionary work! Jasmin has been going to Seminary for a long time and we finally just pushed a little and she decided she was ready. It was a great service, we had to fill the baptismal font for the whole day because the water pressure is horrible haha. She said she wants to serve a mission now! I got to be a part of confirming her a member of the church on Sunday.
So on monday we showed the video ” The Restoration” with a part member family. This movie is the secret weapon i’m tellin’ ya, you have to feel the spirit when you watch it. anyway, the Grandpa in this family (who wants nothing to do with the missionary discussions) after the movie was over he started asking his grandkids ” what did you learn from this video? Its very important and you guys need to pay attention.”….. We were shocked haha. In the mission we call people like him the Lion on the Couch(The elephant in the room) because they are the main problem but don’t want to participate. Well the lion has awakened and we are so excited to hopefully some day soon set baptismal dates for all those in the family who aren’t members!
With this same family I have a great story this week too. We went over to their house after the baptism of Jasmin to read out of the Book of Mormon and for some reason I asked them ( the son and daughter, Justin(13) and Carola(15) to teach us instead. They both have been trying to get an answer to see if the church is true but haven’t been doing their own reading of the Book of Mormon. They both found something to teach us and when they started reading it they both realized they had recieved their answers. It was amazing! The spirit was so strong! Elder Whibley and I also found decided to test the scriptues in this moment and we too found exactly what we needed. I won’t go into exact details of what scriptures they were, but I will testify to you that the Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit is a javelin to the heart that this church is true and that God does hear our prayers.
This week I did some deep study of the Scriptures on how the Atonement, Baptism and The Gift of the Holy Ghost all work together. I am still studying it and everyday I find a new question. Its really fun and it has helped me realize how beautifully complex and simple this plan is.
 Atonement=Reconciled=Brought back into favor of the Father
We had a lesson with a part member family this week that was a little new for me. I won’t go into detail but basically there was some witchcraft stuff going on and there was some crazy stories. They said they have always invited the Elders to the house because thye feel peace when they are there. I didn’t really know what to say or how to help in this situation, but I simply shared that “Satan has power to bruise our heel, but we have power to crush his head.” I have a strong testimony that the more we talk about these things the more power we give satan, because we are acknowledging him. If we can keep our thoughts single to the glory of God we don’t have to worry about satan anymore.
  We visited Pica this week an got 3 new investigators! This is super rare so I am pumped! There was a very interesting language barrier for some reason with this family. They have lived here so long without leaving Pica that I think if someone has even a slight change in accent they can’t understand. Anyway it was fun haha.
We had a super successful Noche de Hermanomiento(Mutual) this week and everyone was pumped!
Zone meeting this week was huge and we have some new missionaries that are coolbeans.
Oh, My agenda is legendary right now and I spent way too much time on it hahaha. Pics Later.
We had a homeless man come to our church meeting this Sunday just cuz he wanted to and it was awesome to talk to him and he has a crazy story and is actually form Belgium and speaks 4 different languages. He was super humble and close to the Spirit. He told us that sometimes he feels that when he smokes he doesn’t feel good, like God’s presence leaves. We were so happy to share the Word of Wisdom with him and he was so grateful after.
The members here have a lot of faith in Priesthood blessings of health. It is awesome to see that the first thing they think to do when their kids are ill is to call the missionaries for a blessing.
This semana blanca helped a ton with the missionary work. It was hard at times, but I know better how to do the work now.
 My favorite scripture from this week was Mosiah 10:13-17. It talks about the hardships of the lives of the Lamanites and how it all started with one bad example of Laman and Lemuel. It also mentions the lives of the Nephites because of one good example of Nephi. I thought about this and how if we can just “practice what we preach” and live like Christ the best we can. We will effect more peoples lives than we can imagine. We don’t always need to be worried about what the other person is doing. We just need to set the example and others will follow once they see your Light.
 Elder Joseph Gordon
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