Week 5 in Chile

This week went by pretty fast, but today as I looked back through my journal I realized how much really happened this week and how many miracles and struggles there were!
 First some random facts/questions: I like Tomatoes now…. i’m changing… haha. Robert, I really like the Scripture Jacob 2:17-19 and its a great business scripture. Mom, Are you reading the Book of Mormon?… It has every answer. If we try to find out if the Church is true or not without reading the BOM we are wasting time. Sorry that is really direct haha. I am going to learn how to make Empenadas from scratch today! Jehovahs Witnesses knocked on our door this morning… you should have seen their faces when I answered.hahaha You guys need to look up what a “completo”(Hot Dog but enhanced) is. They are so good. I am called Elder Gordon Bleu. Whenever we fast we are offered a ton of food.haha.
Last monday(25) I took this stress quiz as part of my training to see how I am doing. It ends up I was a lot more stressed than I realized and it was starting to be unhealthy. I just have so many worries everyday about being 100 percent consecrated and my mind was always scrambling trying to figure out what is the most important thing to be doing in this second and etc.. I figured it out and I feel a lot better now. I figured out how to be consecrated but also not worry about stuff so much because as long as I am trying to do the work and puch myself a little Heavenly Father is going to guide me.
Tuesday I went to another city for my first intercambios with the district leaders. It was really fun and I learned a lot from them. I also realized some of the stuff I am doing good because they have been in the mission a long time and sometimes can be a little flojo(lazy) haha. I got to share my testimony with someone there and we committed them to be baptized. I found out today that they were struggling with him and his wife, but now they have a date to be married! I also pushed myself to make a little anouncement about our English class we are starting on one of the really small bus/van things. I felt like I conquered my fear after and it felt really good!
Wednesday was great because for some reason everyone wanted to talk to us haha. We taught about the plan of salvation to a really sweet family and the Spirit was really strong. They had a concern about being baptized again because they were already baptized in the Catholic church. I felt really sad to tell them about the purpose of Authority and did it with as much love as a have. I was scared to hurt their feelings but I think all went well and they are really progressing in the Gospel!
Thursday, we had weekly planning!! yeah!!! I love planning!!!……. .. .. jk its aweful haha. We had a good day and we set a date for a young couple to be baptized! They need to be married and have accepted to try as hard as they can to make the date.
Friday I came to a realization of something the Lord has been trying to teach me. Usually everyday, the hardest part of the day is around3pm after lunch and its really hot. I was praying for some strength to not feel homesick and tired and I said in my prayer that sometimes all I really want to do is just Rest and talk with my family forever. I then realized that I have this opportunity through the grace of Heavenly Father and our Savior. The whole point of my mission is to give people this opportunity to be with their families forever.
  I know that this church has the Priesthood of God and that Joseph Smith did restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Earth. I know that the Temple is a sacred house of the Lord and that through the blessings of the Temple all those who have died without the knowledge of Jesus Christ or without the opportunity to come unto him through sacred covenants will have an opportunity. I am so grateful to be able to do the work for my ancestors in the temple. I can’t wait to see all the people in the Heaven and just share in the glory of our families.
Saturday I asked Heavenly Father to push me a little. I got a lot. We had our first english class today and attendance was great! We had an investigator come and next week we are expecting a lot more. It was a lot harder than I thought to teach english, because english doesn’t follow rules.haha. We had branch counsel today for the first time because our branch is hard to get organized. It was soooo good to share what we are working on! The ward has a goal to go to the Temple in Santiago in January!! We have been trying to get our Branch Mission Leader(Bro Rosas) more involved in the work and today at lunch we “layed some stuff on the table” with each other. He confessed to us that he feels he is not he man for the job because he still has a lot of questions. The Spirit flowed through the room and we conveyed to him that we want no other person to help us but him because he has been called of God. Every calling we get is to help us grow. His brother and sister in law (Bro Ivan and Yanira) were in the room with us and they opened up and expalained how much they love brother Rosas and the testimony of prayer of Siser Yanira was sooo strong. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father that we were finally able to figure this whole thing out and now we have a ton of opportunities to help this Branch grow.
Really all I want to do is leave this place in a lot better condition than I found it. Heavenly Father has given everyone of us special gifts. It is our job to use these gifts and master them in order to help others.
This isn’t a millionth of the blessings and challenged that passed this week but I hope it gives some in sight into my life here.
I know my Savior lives.
I know that The Book Of Mormon is the Most Correct book on the Earth.
I know I am a son of God
I love you guys!Inline image 1this is the average “salad” here haha. Look up the words. Brthady Party. Pic for Dad of the new Toyota Truck the Hi LuxInline image 3Inline image 2
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