Week 4 in Chile

I really am trying to limit myself on writing time this week so I can accomplish some stuff today so this might be really short but I will just share a few Amazing things.

We had a lesson with a guy named Edwin this week and he has always talked to us on his porch, but never about the Gospel or even religion because he doesn’t like to talk about religion. We finally got him to let us meet with him and his family one night! They are amazing! They ask so many good questions! It was just like they guided the lesson perfectly where it needed to go! Just like the little card you sent me, I never miss an opportunity to bear my testimony! I truly believe that they felt the spirit and cant’t wait for our next lesson.
Wednesday was nuts and the day just started off crazy confusing and all our plans for the day had to change. We had a really rough morning and stuff was just going down the tubes. Then We Said A Prayer. We met Kevin, he is 20 years old and lives on his own. He is really close to the Lord and always keep whatever religious pamphlets people give him to read through. The Spirit really guided the lesson where it needed to go and we are excited to return to teach about the plan of salvation.
There are so many humble people here that are ready to listen to our message. It happens so often when we ask somebody ” what do you believe is Gods plan for us?” they list off the things they think a loving a Loving Heavenly Father would give them and it always is exactly what we believe in this Church. I know that the Plan of Happiness is real!
This week I finally figured out the Priesthood I think for the first time in my life for myself. Heavenly Father truly guided me and made me ask a lot of questions about myself and realize my doubts, but now I know the Importance of the Priesthood being on the Earth. I know that because of it we can do saving ordinances here on the Earth. And that our leaders of the Church are men called of God. They had worked very hard to have the ability to use the Priesthood through “persuasion and long suffering”. Everyone on the Earth has power over Satan if we are righteous and simply choose to not let him in. I am very happy to have the permission from God to act in his name.
I know that the church was restored through Joseph Smith. I know that if it took me so long to figure some things out on my mission it is going to take you guys a while too, Although I know for mom that these things will come easy because she is already so close to the Spirit. But always remember to hold on! Find the one thing that you know in your heart is true about the Gospel and never let it go!
 Love You all!!! Wish I could write more!! Everyoner thought the picture of mary was really funny and apparently we dont need to worry about that here. haha. Also some cool street art.Inline image 2
yInline image 1
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