Week 2 in Chile

This week has been difficult again because I miss you guys soo much but the Lord is helping me out a ton.
We have a few families that are progressing good in the Gospel and I hope that they can make it to baptism in order to feel the Spirit testify to them completely of the truthfulness of this Gospel. In the field we are taught more about why baptism is so essential. It is because it is the first big action people make to come closer to their Heavenly Father. It is also the only way to recieve eternal life. All people will recieve this opportunity either here in the next life in the Spirit World. It is hard to explain to people sometimes why it is necessary to be baptized as soon as you know the Gospel is true. I use the Scripture.(of course i cant remember where it is right now but) When Christ is talking and he says that many people will call his name but when they come to him for judgement He will say “I know thee not” because they draw close unto to Him with their words but not their hearts. Another scriptures I read recently says that we need to RUN unto to Christ,because we know not when he comes.
(sorry my memory of where sciptures are is garbage)
I have met a lot of the ward members and they are awesome! Some of them are stronger than others but they all support each other and the Relief Society is awesome. We actually celebrated a sisters birthday yesterday and we shared a scripture. ” Eat, drink and be merry for.. at this point we changed the scipture to “because today is your birthday. haha super cheesy oh well.it was in 2 Nephi 28.
We gave 2 blessings this week and I did the anointing because my spanish is aweful. I have really been trying to feel my Priesthood authority lately and it is hard. I am going to try even harder this week.
I ate some Chicken Heart soup this week.. so that was interesting. I also ate with some Peruvian people and they eat a TON of food. Mainly rice and Lentils. They really don’t like it when you dont finish, but when you do finish they try to put more food on your plate for you.. I ate so much food ahhhh. The food here is really bland. This whole week I just wanted a big bottle of A1 sauce.
We visited a little town in our zone that had  bunch of plants and was another little oasis in the desert. It was pretty and it had some natural springs that people could swim in. The members there come the Pozo each week to take the Sacrament. It is a 45 minute drive. I was really grateful for their example for our investigators.
I have been humbled a lot since being here and I am soooo sorry for the many times I complained about where we lived. People are content with very little here. Also I want all at home to know that having a temple 9 minutes away is an amazing blessing. Even if you can’t enter, just go sit outside the temple and feel the peace of it for me. I love the temple.
Oh if you haven’t read the Liahona for this month. DO IT. it has some great stuff! After reading about Ronald A Rasband in the Liahona it really testified to me that he is a true Apostle of God. I want Amilya to read the Daughter of God section.
We have done a lot of walking this week and have had a lot of success and a lot of headaches. I am extremely grateful to be able to serve the Lord all day. We are getting the hang of things I think. I can teach the first lesson like a champ now.
The Lord has revealed to me through my Patriarchal blessing and through my setting apart what I need to do to be successful. It was hard to take in when I first recieved the answer because the Lord has told me that in order to help my family most, I have to forget about them basically. This week has been really rough and basically I have been on the edge of bursting out in tears all week but I feel joy when I teach people the Gospel. I pray that you guys are doing good and I know the Lord will bless you all. I am going to try and serve the Lord with all the vigor of my heart these next 2 years and I know he will show unto me my lifes work and I know I will be able to help many if I trust in him.
 I want you all to always put your trust in the Lord and pray to hime everyday on your knees to give thanks for your blessings.
I love you So much and I will have many stories to tell next week.
Today we are going to the bigger city to have some fun and buy some gifts for you guys for when I get back. Wish me luck!! LOVE YOU!!
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