First Week in Chile

This week has been… well.. very interesting. I have the stomach flu currently and it is not been fun. Last night was a really long night. I had a fever of like 103 i am guessing because I was just having muscle spasms the whole night.

When we left the CCM, it was a lot harder than I thought to get the guts to talk to random people in the Airport. The hardest part is transferring from a normal conversation to one about the Gospel. We had a super cool esperience in the Airport though. Elder Ennis said a specific prayer without me knowing that the next person to sit next to us, he would say como le va? and we would get over our fear of talking to people. This exactly happened and we had a pretty good conversation with this guy. way cool! When we landed in the Chile airport i was a big wimp and didn’t talk to anybody but oh well. When we arrived in Chile our Mission President was waiting for us and it was really nice to see a familiar face. We drove in this super beater 70’s bus to the Arch thing. which you saw. Then we drove through town to the Mission home. They fed us empenadas that were super good and we practiced teaching and watched some cool videos. We had an interview with President Dalton and then we got ready for bed. I was soooo sweaty it was disgusting. Because of the multiple plane rides in a suite.  We got ready for bed and then the lights in our room started going crazy turing on and off rapidly. Apparently someone had ran into an electric wire outside and the whole block was going crazy. It was pretty funny. The next day( oh and when we arrived at the mission home I actually knew one of the Elders there. It was Tommy Walker. he was a grade above me)we went to the mission office to get our new companions. It was really fun. They had us read it off like opening up a mission call to see where we were going to serve and with whom.( We also had pizza, best day ever)
After a bus ride through the night we arrived in Iquique and then we were all supposed to fit in the little 2 door car with all our stuff. It was hilarious we were smashed in there. Then we drove up the mountain while this little car was struggling super hard. Then my comp told me ” we can’t actually go to our zone yet because  there is no buses at 2 am so we had to stay at some other elders apartment. There apartment was so gross and super tiny and the shower was the size of a storage container like the ones in the garage. In the morning we hopped on a bus and road into the unknown. It looked like a National Geographic special on the Atacama desert. Then in the distance I saw a little patch of green. This is Pozo Almonte. We then walked to our house which I was happy to find was a little cleaner than the other elders place. We cleaned it up a little and its not to bad.
This week I placed a couple Book of Mormons and taught a few lessons. Mainly with less actives. There is a lot of less actives here. Spanish is really hard when it is coming from a Chileans mouth. Basically whenever I meet someone they say something really fast and then I give my comp a look of help me and they just start laughing. Also it is a joke here when missionaries come from Utah. They say “Ohh el fabrico” This means Oh you are from the Factory. meaning the factory for missionaries.. haha. 
Last night we were walking home because my bowels were about to explode when some drunk guys yelled ” Elderes!!” We stopped and talked to them. Elder Whibley was talking to one guy and I was talking to the other. The guy I was talking to actually said that his sister is a member and his mom and that he has a lot of respect for the Elders. I jumped on this opportunity to teach without judgement on me or my spanish because this guy was a little faded. I recited the first vision and left him with a book of mormon. He was homeless I think so to give him something for free was huge for him. He promised to read it. Even if he doesn’t remember any of that today. He will at least find a random book sitting there and hopefully read it. Apparently while I was teaching this guys Elder Whibley was getting yelled at by this other drunk guy who just wanted to trash talk about America. I didn’t even know what he was saying so when he got in my face I was just confused haha. anyway that was fun.
Everyone here eats tomatos like crazy…I hate raw tomatos.. I try to be pollite and always eat them, but it is disgusting..
General Conference was the bomb and during the Priesthood sesh I recieved a lot a personal revelation for the mission. I hope you guys watched it! I really liked the part about family council and think it would be something cool to do at home.
I am so excited that you have become close with the missionaries! Take it easy on em please because now I actually know how hard it is.  haha. I can’t believe you are buying the house! Thats awesome! I cant wait to see the improvements and stuff! I hope you guys had fun on Easter. It looks like you did. Im sorry ricky still isnt sold haha. Tell all the Siblings I love em and miss them. Nona always writes me a little email that is super nice. 
I know that Heavenly Father will be with you as you try to have a baby and I will pray for your safety and health. Love you.
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