First Letter from Chile

Hey so I don`t actually have like anytime to right today because its not my P-day yet,but I found out that on P-day we can write home for as long as we want to! I Have had a super fun and interesting and exciting week and I am graduated from the CCM and I am in the field now. My companions name is Elder Whibley and he has a year in the field. I think we can help each other out a lot. My first area where I am serving is in Alto Hospicio. Basically to describe it… I am in the middle of no where and ther is like 5000 people that live here. the city is Pozo Almonte. I looks like one of those town on the way to grandma and Papas house that we always say. How could anybody live there? where do they get food? yeah. Side not It is crazy desert here! I will send some pics on monday which is my P-day now. Please pray for me to have comfort here. I will try and work hard to get over the homesickness. I love You all sooo much and hope you are doing well.

P.S. it is just like the best 2 years when he says” Thats not the language they taught me in the CCM” someone spoke with elder Whibley today and I didnt catch one word. They don´t speak spanish here. They speak Chilean haha. anyway love you!!!
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