Week 5 at MTC

Hola mi familia!! Como le va? Muchos gracias para sus cartas a mi en el CCM! alright thats enough spanish for this week…I love hearing from you guys when you write. Thankyou for keeping me in your prayers!

 Random Updates Section:
-we got our flight plan yesterday and we have like a 9 hour flight to Santiago Chile and then a 4 hr layover in the airport( which we will being using to see who can talk to the most people about the gospel) and then we have a 2 hr flight to Antofagasta! We departMonday night at 7:25pm and arrive at like 6.45 in the morning.  I am kind of sad it is in the night because my comp. Elder Ennis has never seen the Ocean and I wanted him to be able to soak it all in when we flew over but it will be pitch black at night. OH well we need the sleep.
-This week has been kind of rough because it is our last week and it is really tempting to slack off. I have been trying pretty hard to stay busy and we do a pretty good job of using gym time to study a little and always have something to do. I really enjoy gym time and it is fun to see all the people that are really good at different sports. Luckily one of my gifts in life is that I am ok at every sport so I Love playing basketball and Juggling with the kids that played on soccer teams. Volleyball has been huge in the CCM because it is one of the few sports we can play with the Hermanas because it is a non contact sport. I have been trying to restrain myself from eating so much at everymeal because my pantalones were getting tight hahaha. I am back to my old schedule of sit ups and push ups everyday at night and during gym.
-I wanted to kill my comp at some points in the week because we weren´t getting along very well. Well it wasn´t that we like don´t like each other it is just that we have different ways of dealing with stress and was of his ways was kind of not talking to me. Anyway I could have done a lot better job to try and help him and it is probably my fault that he is stressed, but I am happy that I have an opportunity to learn a lot of patience this week. I think we both have. It is funny because sometimes during the day like before a lesson or something we will argue about stuff or during gym or random stuff but as soon as we get back into our house at night and we say our prayers we are best friends again and we always have deep conversations about the future and home and random stuff. Hopefully when I come home you guys will be suprised with how much nicer I am haha.
-OH, i got bit like 7 times by a mesquito during the night and of course my companion didn´t get bit once… of course.Elder Ennis found it and killed it and like a quart of blood went everywhere because it had bit me so many times.
– Elder Cooks talk was AMAZING. It was so cool to be so close and personal with him. One part that was really cool was when his wife was giving her talk first he kind of like jolted a little like something hit him and he reached down into his bag pulled his scriptures out and opened it up to a page without even looking and kept his finger there until he used it perfectly in the talk. Ah! you could just tell how much he was inspired by the Lord during his talk and he would often be saying something and stop and say ” I feel that I need to share this”. Man I loved it. We also got to shake his hand afterward and someone was taking pictures so hopefully we get those pictures! The best part of the Talk though(there were  many amazing parts of it, he talked a lot about the importance of being Ward and Branch builders in the mission field,also he said “Jesus taught deep doctrine before he taught parables, he had to grow and learn too”, and he told a story about when he was a missionary and his companion was out on a mission only because this companions sister had dropped out of school to work full time to pay for his mission. Elder Cook said that he would teach what he thought were amazing lessons and let his companion bear testimony in the end. He said this companions testimony and love for his sister and God during prayers was so strong that people would be converted instantly and when he went back to visit his mission years later the converts he had helped said” yeah, we really liked you..but your companions testimony was really the best part” haha. This shows us that if the Spirit is strong it only needs 1% of the lesson time to convert someone) but anyway back to the original thing. The best part of the whole talk, (like i didn´t even have to hear the rest of the talk) was this Apostles testimony of the Savior he said and I quote(talking about the Savior) ” I know his voice, I know his face, and it is divine.” HOLY goodness that is some great stuff.
-I learned what true faith is this week and I realized that I really need to work on having faith in “things hoped for and not seen” I was really questioning if I have true faith or not but then I read a scripture that helped me. I can´t remember the exact scripture right now but it is the parable of faith is a mustard seed and as long as I know that this is good, that is all I need to know because all good things are of God. I have come to realize my faith in this church and my faith has been strengthened so much here simply because I have learned how to recognize the good things I am given.
– this happened at the temple and I don´t know if I shared this already but, There is this store across the parking lot from the visitors center called Zarahemla, it is a church nick nack store. We walked over to the store after the temple one day and I will never forget what I saw when I walked in the door and heard the jingle of the bell on the door. As I opened the door I saw the most beautiful little 3 or 4 year old girl with a huge smile on her face holding a young mans hand. This Missionary then turned around and placed a pin on the girls shirt that said “future missionary” She was so excited. I was probably the simplest thing I have ever seen but it made me more happy than I have ever been. It was like, if you could take the perfect picture describing a missionary or simply a ” follower of Christ”,  that is what it would be.
-We taught our teachers or our fake investigators for the last time and it was actually really sad but a great experience.
-I got a really strong impression this week that if Papa read the Book Of Mormon and prayed on his knees he would know for a surety that it was true. The spirit hit me really strong during that lesson.( you can edit that part out of the email for the blog if you want)
– I am sure I am forgetting to write something really important, but oh well, no more time to write. I love you All!
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