Week 4 at MTC

WOW! this week has flown by just like every other week and I have a lot to write about to this letter is probably just going to be really confusing so here we go!
  This week has been awesome I am so happy i got to hear from jake and david! Elder Andersen sounds like he is doing amazing and I hope I can carry the spirit like he does! David is a baller! His recognition week sounds aweful! I would probably just give up or fake an injury or something. I know that the Lord knows how strong David is and how much he is going to be able to accomplish in Germany!
   This week I have had a lot of opportunities to learn how to teach and I am becoming less and less scared to tell anyone about the Gospel. MOM I really feel that we should get Grandma and Papa a copy of Meet the Mormons so they can understand what I am doing and also learn about the Gospel at least a little. This week we started a little different schedule where we teach each other (classmates/district)and we had to choose who we were going to role play as. I chose Papa because I want to get over my fear of teaching them the Gospel and I am hoping by being taught it and trying to see through Papas eyes how he can learn it. It is hard for me to think that they need something more because they are perfect beings in my eyes. I love them so much and I also have a fear of making them angry or confused or something but I really love them and want them to know about the Plan of Salvation and other stuff.Anyway the experience has also taught me how much I dont know about Papa and Grandma haha.
  Tomorrow I have the AMAZING opportunity to listen and see Elder Cook in person at a devotional!!!!!!! I am one out of like 200 missionaries with the opportunity to be here and I am sooo excited!!
I have learned that specific prayer brings specific blessings and I hope you guys at home can too.
I taught Elder Ennis how to juggle a soccer ball and for once he actually likes a sport so I am really excited about that haha.
We heard an amazing story from one of the Area 70 an Elder Valenzuela. He told an amazing story about when the Tijuana Temple was built and the Catholic Arch Bishop for like All of Mexico was really mad about the temple being built because people would leave his church once they saw the temple haha. Anyway Elder Valenzuela and Elder Holland I think end up inviting the Arch bishop to see the temple and he actually agrees! Then as the amazing missionaries the Apostles are they say ” is there anyone else that would profit from seeing the temple?” Then the Arch Bishop says” yes, can I bring 30 people in my congregation with me?” haha In the end of the story the Arch Bishop says. ” how come i have never been told this information.. thankyou for sharing this with me, I will tell other.” LIKE SANTA VACA(holy cow) if they can teach a bishop of another church I think I can teach some random people on the streets anyday.
  I learned some ways to recognize the Spirit better, Elder Bednar was asked, How do I tell the difference between the Spirit and just my own thoughts? His response is only that of which Elder Bednar can say. “Don´t worry about it !” I love this because I have struggled with this before.
  Everyone should watch the movie called ” The Testaments” its about Christs visitation to the americas.
This last Sunday I was called to give a talk( or I think I was)Oh you should know that here they call people to give talks during Sacrament as a little joke. My name was called and I looked down at my bag and realized my notebook with my talk was in the classroom…great. I was totally mentally prepared to just wingit in spanish for 5 minutes but then right as I was supposed to go up and the President called for Elder Gwrodomn is his broken is his horrible pronunciation of English names another elder stood up. His name is Elder Worman. We still don´t know for a fact if he called my name or his but I think the Lord wants me to have an opportunity to touch peoples hearts so he gave me another chance to come prepared ahahaha.
Awesome week can´t believe my stay in the CCM is almost over! LOVE all back home and I pray for you all everyday!
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