Week 3 in MTC

Hey eveyone! It has been amazing to hear from you!! Thanks everyone for the updates!

This week has been really good. I can´t believe I am already half way through my stay at the CCM. Where did the time go! I have learned so much….but I still can´t speak spanish ahaha. We have TRC now once a week which is when we teach a real person instead of our teachers…ssss.. Yeah we feel really confident about our spanish with our teachers but when we go to TRC all of our confidence is lost as soon as the people open their mouths. We taught this little old lady this last week and the whole meeting it sounded like she was speaking japanese ahaha. We would just say “Si, eso es beuno” and then continue on with the lesson hahaha! Anyway TRC is really fun!
   Oh I got bit by a Mosquito and I survived! I know crazy right. haha jk. My teacher was even like”hey,yooouu should probably watch out this week for symptoms. This is kind of an inside joke to Mom, but I am the only one to get bit so far as we suspected haha.
   This week I realized how much of a better person the CCM is making me. We were teaching one of our investagators, Luis(maestro Hurtado) and we had a great lesson planned. After he started meeting with us his life started getting way better. He stopped drinking and his family is closer and he got a new job and he is just happy. We wanted so badly to teach him that all those things could change in an instance and that having faith in the LDS church because of those things wasn´t enough. We had this great lesson to strengthen his faith in Christ, who will never change. Anyway we went in to teach him and we asked him what the main part of his testimony is. Basically what ended up happening is he told us he is happy and he has got the church all figured out and he doesn´t need to have faith in Christ to know this is a good church and he doesn´t really care about priesthood authority, but he is ready to get baptized. ahhh! He is only my teacher but I about lost it in the class. I was so upset that he had been doing so well so far and then he just turned away. ahhh! anyway I realized that before my CCM stay I wouldn´t have gotten mad at a real person for saying those things let alone my teacher. I have started to truly love the people here and I can´t wait to get to Chile in a couple weeks!
  This last week I have really experienced the power of the Priesthood in our lives and how Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I asked Heavenly Father to give me strength use all of day to serve the Lord and not waste time. (This part might sound stupid but to me it makes perfect since.) This week I have had more opportunities to waste time then ever before. I had to push myself (and my comp. to use the time for studying instead of playing sports or wasting time at the store.(which is a popular thing to do) I am happy to say that  after these experiences that I now have the will power to always keep myself busy and I am happy to do so. And I find I am way more happy at the end of the day if I have had a really stressful day because I know that Heavenly Father is proud of me and that I worked my tail off. I have had many more experiences here involving prayer but I don´t have much time to write. Just know that prayer works, IF, we are willing to act.
     We had an amazing Sunday devotional this last Sunday. We watched an Elder Holland talk to the MTC in Provo(Jake and Hannah know what I am talking about) It is my favorite talk in the whole world I think. It never gets old and I would tell all of you guys back home to watch it. Elder Hollands testimony of the Savior is unbreakable and I love it when he gets this half angry half filled with complete love and charity look in his eye when he is talking about how we should feel about the Savior. The best part of the talk is when he talks about Christ asking Peter if he loves him 3 times. He then says it was only after Peter realized how much he loved the Savior after that experience that he became The Great Apostle.
   We also watched this video on the miracles that Christ performed. When the video started my first thought was “the actor in this movie is so weird looking, that is not how Christ looked and acted” I then caught myself and realized that that was probably the worst though I have ever had. I thought to myself. ” If I had seen Christ during his earthly life, would I have still said the same thing, would I have judged Christ right off the bat about how he looks or the way he acts. I have found a new love for the Savior here. I have always and will always love the Savior more than anything I will ever have, but I now have a better respect for who he was. He was never embarassed when he did something out of the normal to help someone. He wasn´t a follower of anyone on earth! He was a follower of His Father in Heaven. I respect Him soo much for that.
  ( Mom and Amilya you can take this part out of the email if you want) I am soo happy that you are taking lessons from the Missionaries and going to the temple! I want you to know that, I know this Gospel is true and that this is the way to pure happiness.  But that is not enough. I just want to make sure that you don´t build your testimony off of mine and Robert´s. That is how you waste the Lord´s time and your time, like I did after I got baptized for a few months because I hadn´t built my own testimony yet. I want you guys to have full confidence and love for the Savior and this Gospel. I want you to want it because you love the Savior and because you know this is his Gospel. I love You All sooo much! If you want to know for yourself that the gospel is true please. please.. please read the Book of Mormon. Love you!
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