First Week at MTC

Hey mom and others, mainly mom. I miss mi mama. The first week in the CCM has been interesting. All went good traveling here. I met up with a bunch of Missionaries in the Salt Lake Airport and Hermana Gillispie flew out of St. George with me so I wasn´t ever alone. It looked kind of funny though when it was just me and Hermana Gillespie cuz you are not allowed to be with the opposite sex alone. Sooo. ahahaha. When you get here it feels like(after driving through a crazy city with crazy people) like you are pulling into the American Dream all of a sudden.(except for the white picket fence is a 12 foot concrete/barbwire thing haha. It seriously looks like that town in Indiana Jones where the are testing a bomb and the blow up the town. All the grass here is perfectly green and all the plants are perfect and in bloom,everybody is too nice at first.hahaha. We are in like this bubble of spiritual awesomeness!! The reason I said the mindset is wierd here the first day is because they wanna hold your hand while you do everything on the first day to make sure you don´t break any rules. But its not like that anymore so its all bien.

   I want you guys to know that your letters have been awesome! Mom,your letters are funny, I was like dying when I got the one with an emoji cuz you had sent it form your phone. Haha. Everyone else was like”your girlfriend is a psycho man, you get letters like everyday” hahahaha
    The spirit is Very strong here. There is this calm feeling that just comes over you when you are in the CCM. I expected to kind of freak out the first week here, Like everybody says”Just make it till Sunday man, it all gets better on Sunday” I dont know what they are talking about because it wasn´t that bad. We have a LOT of homework and studying that we do,but its not that bad. I like being pushed a little. Sometimes it is kind crazy when they wan tus to get stuff done but, there is no time to do it. My spanish is coming along nicely. Del Don De Languas es un bonita cosa. It was/slash still is hard not to want to freak out and speak English once in a while though haha. Like when you are in a hurrry to do something but you cannnot tell your companion what you want to do because you dont know how to say it. It is Really fun learning Espanol though!
    I have gone through sperts of homesickness but then the thought is gone because I have to think about how I am  going to teach a lesson in five minutes.
   My companions name is Elder Ennis. He is from Idaho. He grew up in a really small town of like 2000 people so he is a hard worker. His memory is a little slow right now though so he is struggling remembering stuff. I think he is just homesick though. He is a cool guy. Sometimes he gets on my nerves because we have differing views on how some things should be done, but I am trying to learn more patience and this is mi oportunidad.
Mom, your letter that said only 702 days left to go made me super sad at first. I then came to realize that that means that I have 702 chances to change somebodies life. I am so glad to be serving my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am so happy I have 14 hours everyday for 2 years to repay the Lord for all he has given me. I am so glad I get to tell people how to recieve their oown personal revelation. I am so glad I get to show people how families can be eternal. I am so glad that I can be a tool for the Holy Ghost to use to teach ´people that someone not of this Earth cares for them.
On a different note, the first day we got gym time was the best day of my life. It is such a good stress relief.
All the teachers here are ordained of God. I wish all teachers were as good as these people. Actually I wish I would have had the knowledge to care mor about what my teachers were teaching in school because I think the only reason the teachers are good here(besides the fact that they are working for the Lord)is that most of us actually care sincerely about what they are teaching.
Elder Ennis and I have been teaching this fake investagador named Dulce(our teacher) and we did aweful the first couple of times. Yesterday we finally did really good! We had a great lesson. We have learned how to use the folletos(pamphlets) more in our lesson and it works great.
We are staying in this apartment on the 3rd story. We have the best view in the CCM in the Morning.
We watched meet the Mormons the other day and the part when kid leaves on his mission and his mom cries… man we were a bunch of babies.. we were all teary eyed.
 We got to go to the temple today which was a great blessing and also a challenge because it took away a lot of our time to get assignments done. The temple was beautiful though. It was a wierd design. It had 2 escalators and the creation room and terrestial room were the same room.
Anyway I love you soooo much!!!
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